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Haasil 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Haasil 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 3rd November 2017 Episode Start With Ranvir asks Aanchal to thank mom for food as he likes home food. Aanchal walks out of police station. Reporters surround her and asks if Ranvir really murdered his PA, if that is the case, then why did Ranvir pushed case into fast track instead of getting bail and extending it,why did he got her out on bail. Aanchal says Ranvir wanted to become actor and chose business by mistake, it is all his drama to prove himself innocent and get away from punishment. She walks further. Sarika with Kabir stops her and says she pities on her middle class thinking and dreams. Aanchal asks if it is complement or taunt, she will take it as complement as per her upbringing. Sarika says she pities on her dumbness of dreaming about winning. Aanchal counterattacks and says she pities on her for having 2 dumb sons.

Kabir fumes and says she is just on bail and still 50 lakhs donation case is on her, she will fall on her face tomorrow. Aanchal leaves challenging. Kabir smiles and says Sarika let us go and meet bhai. Sarika says she will punish herself until he defeats this arrogant girl. Kabir smiles and says he will show his intelligence now.

Next morning, Ragini gets ready in lawyer’s attire for case. She holds her father’s photo and gets emotional. She then doubts herself and says mom she does not know if she will win against Ranvir Raichand or not. Mom asks if Raichands go to toilet or not. Aanchal says she does not have so much details. Mom says they are also humans, so it is all about thinking and they are all same. She says Aanchal was among top 5 rankers in India and she reject pulp job in a law firm and is running an NGO, so she is more intelligent than them and truth is never defeated. Aman also jokes and cheers her up. She says Ranvir will see her courage today.

Court hearing starts. Aanchal starts her allegations on Ranvir and says he raped PA Meenu and when his crime was proved, he got out of jail and killed Meena. She says when Raichands can set off city’s power in the middle of night, when they can get anyone’s bail, frighten police, getting out of jail for 30 minutes and killing Meenu is easy for Ranvir. Kabir enters says Ranvir is innocent. Aanchal it is contempt of court your honor. Kabir says his honor is with him and shows Ranvir’s call records to judge and says it proves Ranvir did not call Meenu at all. He then shows CCTV footage and says they are seeing someone getting out of Ranvir’s calls C sedan and killing PA. Aanchal says court saw footage already.

Kabir then shows his car parking area’s pics with judge’s car’s number on 1 car. Judge says it is his car number. Kabir says number plates can be manipulated easily, similarly even Ranvir’s car plate was manipulated. He shows another CCTV footage from different angle taken from traffic signal and says Ranvir is not a rapist and murderer, but that man is. Police brings a man. Kabir says he is Dharamchand Malik and he killed Meenu. Dharamchand comes in witness box and says he is Meenu’s boyfriend and was working in Ranvir’s company, Ranvir caught him taking bribe to give job to someone and dismissed him, so he and Meenu planned to extract money from Ranvir and stealing Ranvir’s car number plate did this rape drama.

Anchal interfered and spoilt their plan, so he had to kill Meenu. Kabir laughs on Aanchal. Judge asks Aanchal if she wants to question Dharamchand. She says no and sits in a shock after losing. Judge pronounces Ranvir innocent and orders to arrest Dharamchand. Kabir gives pendrive to Anchal and says it has footage that she herself came on his ship. Ranvir taunts she should have courage to accept truth, it is just a beginning of their fight. Aanchal stands embarrassed.


Haasil 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Ranvir tells Babji that Aanchal is very intelligent and passionate and he likes her spirit. Kabir fumes he wants to punish Aanchal, but Bhai is protecting her,he will punish her somehow.

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