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Haasil 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Haasil 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 4th December 2017 Episode start With Kabir and Aanchal stop car seeing a school burning and children and teachers pleading to have a student stuck inside school. Aanchal asks Kabir to do something. Kabir says he will call fire brigade. Aanchal says it will be late. Kabir runs into school jumping fire and sees child crying for help. He encourages child to pray god, gives god’s photo and draping blanket on her runs out of school crossing fire, saving child unharmed.

Aanchal asks him if he is fine. He says yes. Children call him hero uncle. Aanchal says she made him proud. Kabir feels good hearing children calling him hero. He then drives car with Aanchal. Aanchal says he was his own hero, now he is people’s hero, how is he feeling. He is now Ranvir’s brother really. Kabir says he cannot become Ranvir. Aanchal says he will be better than Ranvir. Kabir feels good and asks if he can play his favorite music. Aanchal nods yes. He happily raises his hand and Aanchal’s father’s watch falls down.

Raichand family watches new about Kabir’s heroism. Kabir walks in. Family claps for him and praises. Father says now he is everyone’s hero, heis proud of him and hugs happily. Ranvir says superhero and hugs him. Kabir reminisces Aanchal’s praises and expressing her love for him, giving him her father’s watch, etc. He realizes watch is missing and runs to his car, searches watch, finally finds it. His inner self tells that he loves Aanchal. He thinks he is bad Kabir and cannot love anyone. He picks coin with Kabir on one side and Ranvir on other side and tosses it. Coin falls. He runs happily.

Aanchal reaches home and sees her brother taking FD papers. She asks Rupali what is happening. Rupali tries to change topic. Aanchal insists and scolds seeing Rupali trying to break Aman’s study FD. Rupali says Aanchal is marrying in Raichand family, so she has to bear some marriage expenses. Aanchal assurs her not to worry.

Next day, Aanchal is busy in a meeting with Ranvir and another employee when Kabir calls her and asks if she loves him. She says her relationship status has not changed overnight. He says I love you and asks what to wear, names colors. She says red. Employee asks if she should finalilze red color for their project. She says no and says Ranvir something has happened to Kabir, he has called many times since last night. Ranvir says Kabir is in love and he told when Kabir will fall in love, he will act weird. Aanchal asks what to do. Ranvir asks her to just love Kabir. Kabir calls back. Aanchal rejects his call. Kabir thinks what happened to her now. Drama continues…


Haasil 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aanchal tells Ranvir t hat she is very lucky that she has Kabir’s love and his Ranvir’s friendship. She turns and sees Ranvir feeling drowsy and falling down.

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