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Haasil 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Ranvir’s Lie Gets Costlier For Him


Haasil 4th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 4th January 2018 Episode Start With Kabir tells Aanchal that it was a cylinder blast. Aanchal says if we would have been inside. Kabir says lawyer Aanchal don’t know what is fear. He praises Aanchal and himself. He says all your pains are mine now and says loving is about removing partner’s fear and pain. He asks her to sign. Aanchal asks him to sign and pretends to eat. She says she don’t know one sided love and says 50 percent yours and 50 perfect mine. Kabir is about to kiss her, but she stops him. She gets a call and they run home. Doctor asks Aanchal or Kabir to take care of Ranvir. Kabir asks if you are fine. Ranvir says he is stressed about Naina’s confession and says who is behind it. Kabir asks him not to stress his mind. Kabir tells Aanchal that the person behind Naina is big and he must be your lover. They strike their heads.
Rupali comes to see Ranvir hearing he is unwell. Kabir asks Aman what happened? Aman says don’t know what Aanchal saw in you.

Kabir calls him Saale and takes his suggestion on finding clue about the man behind naina. Rupali tells Ranvir that Kabir said that he found a treatment for him. He says there is only 3 percent chances of Survival and he don’t want to lose his 2 months. Rupali asks Aanchal to call Aman and says they will go home. Aanchal calls him. Aman says they are going to Naina’s house to check for evidence.

Aanchal says Naina’s house is sealed and if they get inside the house, then they can get arrested for tampering the evidence. Ranvir gets tensed. Aman and Kabir reach Naina’s house and search for evidence. Aman shouts seeing cockroach. Kabir is about to pick mouth organ when Aanchal and Ranvir comes and stops him. Aman sees it and asks what is it? Ranvir sees mouth organ and recalls his conversation with Naina. He feigns pain to divert their attention. They get worried and take him to hospital.

Ranvir calls his goon and asks him to take out his harmonica from Naina’s house. He tells Doctor that the more he acts, the more his family will get worried. Kabir talks to a specialist and decides to get him operated even though there was 3 percent chances of Survival. Sarika cries and tells nothing can happen to her son. Kabir assures that Ranvir will be fine. Ranvir asks Doctor to lie that he is critical and a guest of few days. Kabir comes there and says nothing will happen to you. He asks him to agree for operation. Ranvir has no option than to agree. Doctor tells Ranvir that specialist operates him then he will be dead. Ranvir gets thinking.


Haasil 5th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Doctor Hudson operates on Ranvir and declares to Raichand family that he is dead.

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