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Haasil 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Haasil 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 5th December 2017 Episode start With Aanchal is busy in a meeting with Ranvir and engagement planner when Kabir calls her. Ranvir asks to pick call. She picks Kabir asks if she stil loves him, she says yes and disconnects call. Engagement planner says they can discuss later. Aanchal agrees. Once she leaves, Aanchal tells Ranvir that her family cannot afford engagement expenses, so they should keep it a low. Ranvir says he will bear expenses and it is a gift for Kabir. Aanchal says she would want that as her family will not like it. Ranvir says he will not like it if she denies. She walks saying she is very lucky to have Kabir’s love and his friendship. She turns and sees Ranvir feeing drowsy and collapsing.

She rushes to him and asks people to call ambulance. Ranvir is taken home. Doc treats him and says family that Ranvir collapsed due to stress and they should not give him more stress. Kabir tells Ranvir is having engagement tension, so he will get engaged to Aanchal right now and exchanges ring with Aanchal. Aanchal says she likes ring design. Ranvir says he does not and says engagement will happen as planned and he will show whole world what Raichands are. Sarika notices and fumes on Aanchal. Aanchal taunts her mother taught her to respect elders, etc.. and leaves. Sarika scolds Kabir that he selected a roadster girl for him, she is changing his mindset, earlier she gifted cheap watch which is not even a first cop, soon she will change his dressing sense and hobbies and make him look middle class, she hates Aanchal.

At Aanchal’s house, Aman wears saris and shows it to Aanchal, fumes that he has to do modeling for he. She laughs that he used to wear mama’s dupattas in childhood. Door bell rings. Kabir enters and taunts Aanchal did not say he has a hot sister-in-law and forcefully hugs Aman. Aanchal laughs. Servants bring designer cloth rack for Aanchal. Aanchal checks them and says these are very costly worth in lakhs, she wants to wear her mom’s bought dress in engagement and pay a tribute to her hard work.

Naina waits for Kabir at a five star hotel pool. Her brother is captured by debtors who point gun on him and call her from his number. She says what happened now. Brother pleads to save her, else they will kill her. Naina asks not to kill her brother, she will pay their debts after marrying Kabir. Goon laughs why will Kabir marry her, he is marrying Aanchal. Naina pleads for some. Goon says this is her last chance. Kabir walks in and asks whom she is talking to. She keeps phone. He tries to sip drink. She stops him, sips drink and returns glass and asks if she/Aanchal said something. Kabir says her name is Aanchal and he will go on a path which Aanchal will take him on. Naina thinks she will finish Kabir’s story tonight itself.

Kabir enjoys roadside vadapav and shouts munching chilli. He asks vendor how can he say I love you to Aanchal now. Vendor says via SMS and leaves. Ranvir comes. Kabir asks him to try vada pav. Ranvir says no. Kabir says chilli is hot like Aanchal and he will kill whoever touches her. Ranvir reminisces touching Aanchal and says love is possessive. Kabir says he thinks his and Aanchal’s pairing would be best and tells he wanted to punish Aanchal when she got Ranvir arrested, so planned to trap her in his love and then betraying her. He continues his confession.


Haasil 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kabir tells Ranvir that he is trying to call Aanchal since last night ad she is not picking call. Ranvir says she must be sleeping. Aanchal enters and says he is right, she was sleeping and now woke up.

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