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Haasil 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Aanchal Breakups With Kabir


Haasil 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 6th December 2017 Episode start with Aanchal goes to meet someone and looks surprised. Person shows her some video and she looks shattered. Kabir reaches Aanchal’s apartment building and shouts Aanchal I love you. He walks to Aanchal’s flat with flower bouquet. Rupali says that is her favorite flower, how did she know. Kabir asks where is Aanchal. Rupali says with friends and Aman says shopping. Kabir asks what. Rupali says she went for shopping with friends. They both get too friendly and Aman calls him jiju and starts chatting. Kabir asks to tell where is Aanchal, he will go and bring her here and then they will chat. Aanchal returns home shattered. Rupali sees her and rudely says Kabir it is late night, he should go now. Kabir walks out thinking earlier they were too friendly and now asked him to go, they are weird.

Aanchal cries that she hates Kabeer. Kabir calls Aanchal repeatedly, but she rejects calls.

Next morning, Kabir tells Ranvir that Aanchal is not picking his calls. Ranvir says she must be sleeping. Aanchal enters and says he is right, she was sleeping till now and asks if engagement arrangements are done. Ranvir says yes except calling guests. Aanchal says call every guest, let them see what Kabir Raichand is. She reminisces Naina showing her video of her and Kabir’s romance and Kabir confessing that he will act as loving Aanchal and then break her heart during engagement. Jatin asks what she is talking about. Aanchal says let Kabir himself tell what he did and walks out throwing bangles. Sarika smirks. Ranvir walks behind her and asks what happened. She says he was always Kabir’s brother and not her friend. He asks her to calm down. She continues that Kabir broke her heart, she is leaving Ranvir’s job and is not giving 1 month notice, he can cut pay from her salary, leaves in her car.

Naina’s brother tells her that their problems will be solved now after she becomes Raichand family bahu. He asks her how did she trap Aanchal. Naina says it is easy to trap emotional fools who think by heart and showed her Kabir’s truth and now Aanchal is deeply hurt and will not give Kabir a second chance.

Kabir goes to Aanchal’s house to meet her. Aman stops him and says Aanchal does not want to meet him. Kabir angrily holds Aman’s collar and shouts he loves Aanchal. Aanchal cries sitting in a corner reminiscing Kabir’s betrayal. A sad song plays in the background. Kabir also cries sitting in his car. Aman walks to Aanchal and says she is so strong and handles NGO cases so well, she should not shatter. Aanchal says she should have handled love also like a case, she fell for Kabir’s lies and his innocent acting, she thought he is her perfect match, but she was wrong. Aman continues consoling and hugs her…


Haasil 7th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Kabir tells Naina that Aanchal betrayed her,he will not spare her. He challenges Aanchal in front of everyone.

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