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Haasil 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Haasil 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 6th November 2017  Episode start With Aanchal sitting at beach reminisces Kabir and Ranvir’s challenges. Aman comes and jokes with her. Aanchal says she was hurrying and did not catch truth properly. He asks what. She says Kabir told he is going to meet Meenu, but Meenu was killed by Ranvir, then Ranvir was proved innocent and someone else was presented as culprit, there is something more to it. Aman says she started her detective mind again. Aanchal says she is stuck between wrong people, one brother challenges and other brother frightens. Aman says he is stuck between 2 goons and 1 goondi. Aanchal laughs and says let us go home.

Ranvir returns home. Sarika does his aarti and says she will complete incomplete havan. Babji says Buttefirm has agreed for a deal. Rajguru says havan was incomplete, so deal was incomplete.

Ranvir says he does not havan for his dreams. He asks Babji to cancel deal. Babji says it is a risk and board members may not agree. Ranvir says it is a plan.

Aanchal drives car with Aman singing songs. Aman asks what did Ranvir challenge. Aanchal says score is not yet over. Kabir speeds car towards them. Aman shows Aanchal. Aanchal says let the mad go. Kabir stops car opposite her house and blocks her car. She gets out and starts arguing with him to leave her way, else her cheap car will dent his costly car. He gives her defamation notice and says she has been slapped a 2000 crore rs defamation notice and can add 15000 rs with him. Aanchal and Aman are shocked. Kabir gives notice to vacate flat and says he bought whole building and will not stop until she leave this city as she troubled bade/Ranvir.

Board members speak to Babji and say they cannot take 4000 crore Rs risk, sot they have to accept Buttefirm’s deal as Buttefirm is trusting them even after Ranvir going to jail. Ranvir says Butterfirm did not trust him when he went to jail, so he does not want to deal with them.

Aanchal with Aman return to her flat and see mom shouting at building secretary shouting even she does not want to stay in Raichand’s building. She calms mom. Mom says she spoke to agent and they will shift to new house. People gather outside NGO and throwing stones on her flat chat Gali Gali me Shor hai Aanchal Shriavastav chor hai. Aanchal reaches with family and repeats with them and says they cannot frighten her and asks if Kabir or Ranvir have sent them, they should go and inform she is not afraid of those stupids. Man throws stone on her shouting how dare she is to call their dharmatma as stupid. Ranvir reaches and catches next stone. Aanchal collapses on his shoulder. He warns them to get out and send resignation whoever threw stone. He lifts Aanchal and takes her to her flat. Doctor treats her and says it was simple injury and will heal. Aanchal asks Ranvir why did he save her again after giving her so many injuries what does need. Ranvir says he needs her freedom. She says she does not know to get afraid. Ranvir says he likes daring girl like her to work with him. She says he wants to buy her. He says people get afraid seeing his money, but she is daring, he would love working wit her. Aanchal says confusing, one brother gives job and another brother files defamation case and getting her out of house. Ranvir says she her NGO case is quashed, she will not be file d defamation case and she can stay in this house even if she does not work, he promises Kabir will come and apologize. She asks how he is so sure. Ranvir says who threw stones on her are his workers and he tracks them well. He asks to think over and leaves.

Kabir fumes in front of Sarika that he wants to file defamation case on Aanchal and kick her out of city, but bhai wants to hire her. He promises he will destroy Aanchal’s life. Ranvir tells Babji that Aanchal is passionate and will be helpful them, very few people have so much passion. He reminisces the recent incidents. Aanchal reminisces Kabir’s challenge and Ranvir’s help and thinks both brothers are confusing her a lot.


Haasil 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mom tells Aanchal that Ranvir wants to trap her by giving her a job. Aanchal asks Ranvir why he wants to hire her. Ranvir says he wants her to work for him instead of against him. Kabir tells Ranvir this girl will bring a stormbetween them.

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