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Haasil 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Haasil 9th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Haasil 9th November 2017 Episode start With Aanchal takes a dip in bath tub reminiscing Ranvir’s job offer and taking her to Mauritus, Kabir warning her to stay away from bade/Ranvir, her mother telling Ranvir wants to trap her. She thinks she can here to trap and not to be trapped. She then enters Ranvir’s room and asks if anyone is there. Seeing no one, she tries to open Ranvir’s laptop. Ranvir enters and asks if she wanted to know truth, says he raped and killed Meenu, then Dharamchand, and brought her here to kill her. She tries to run. He holds her and says she should not be afraid of death. She pushes him and locking him in room runs away. He comes out and thrusting her head into water says he told their score is not clear yet. She comes out of bathtub and reveals it was her imagination, thinks both brothers will make her mad.

Aanchal then goes to open restaurant. Ranvir comes and starts chatting and then plays hormonica. She turns and picks pepper spray reminiscing her brother gave it for her safety. He asks if he played so bad that she turned her face. He takes pepper spray from her and says pepper elevates food taste and says let us have food. They both enjoy food and then walk on beach. Ranvir feels her touch while walking and smiles. Next day, he introduces Aanchal to his staff as their new legal head and continues looking at Aanchal. His employee asks him to express his feeling to Ananchal if he loves her. He says no. She says the way his eyes are glued on her, looks like he loves her. He does not know if she already hooked to someone else. She says until he does not ask how will he know, and if Aanchal does not have a chance, at least she can. He hugs her and says she has always a chance, smiling at Aanchal.

Ranvir then goes to Aanchal and says they sell a good masala tea here, let us go. He takes her to yacht. She asks if he brought her here for tea and asks what is he up to, did he get Dharamchand killed, did he send Kabir to trouble her and her brother, etc. He stands silently. Kabir comes water skiing and calling bade.. He gets on yacht and says lawyer aunty is also here, why don’t she leave 2 brothers alone. Ranvir says let us go. Aanchal says she is not feeling well. Kabir says he has come to elevate Aanchal’s mood, they will stay together, work together, sleep together, etc. Aanchal gives Kabir a paddle, walks away and gets into boat, shows yacht key and says now it is their turn to paddle boat and leaves. Ranvir and Kabir call her repeatedly. They both then paddle boat till mansion. Kabir yells Aanchal got employed in their company, traveled in their private plane, and now staying in their yacht and made us paddle boat, he wil not spare her. Ranvir says Aanchal is his guest and Kabir will not trouble her. He sees bags and asks Kabir why did he kick out Aanchal’s bags. Kabir says he did not. Aanchal comes and says these are Kabir’s bags, he will not stay here until she is here. Kabir says this is his mansion and she can go. Ranvir asks Kabir to apologize Aanchal and drop the issue. Kabir says no and angrily leaves.

Ranvir plays volleyball with Kabir next and says if he wins, then Aanchal will be out of their lives. Kabir accepts challenge. Ranvir asks why did trouble Aanchal’s brother. Kabir stands silent. Ranvir asks him not to trouble her. Kabir angrily runs on beach thinking Aanchal is snatching his brother, he will not spare her. Aanchal enters her room speaking to her mom over phone and telling she did not get proof against Ranvir yet, Kabir also came here. She sees Kabir on cough and asks if he does not have any manners, one should not enter other’s room without permission. Kabir asks her to teach manners then. She says she is not a teacher. He says she looks like a teacher and says she tried to snatch her brother, now forget her brother, it is brother for brother. Aanchal gets worried for Aman. A speeding truck heads towards Aman’s scooter.


Haasil 10th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Aanchal enters Ranvirs room silently while he is away and tries to open his laptop. Ranvir walks in.

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