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Half Marriage 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arjun And Chandani Falling In Love


Half Marriage 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 11th December 2017 Episode Start With  Saheb ji coming there and asks Anuj if he knows this man. Arjun says it is their family matter. Chandani tells him to listen to her papa and says he came to help Reva. Man tells that Anuj gave him 10000 Rs. to get question papers. Saheb ji asks Anuj to accept the crime and assures that he won’t let any enquiry on him. Anuj accepts that he got the papers leaked and put blame on Reva. Saheb ji scolds him politely. Janki also scolds him and says you are saved because of Saheb ji. Sulochana hugs Reva. Saheb ji asks Reva not to take others blame on herself and tells that the enquiry on her was lifted. He tells that Chandani called him last night and told Reva is innocent.

Saheb ji tells everyone that Arjun and Chandani married in a hurry and that’s why he kept party. He invites them for party. Janki says we will come. Saheb ji asks about Arjun.. They say he left. Chandani thanks Saheb ji. Saheb ji leaves. Chandani thinks don’t know how Arjun will adjust in a new job.

At saree shop, Woman asks Arjun to show the sarees. Woman asks him to put saree on himself and show. Arjun feels awkward. Woman is about to go. Other salesman shows her saree. Chandani comes there with Munna and asks him to show saree. He shows her saree. Chandani talks to him indirectly and says he left house without having food. She keeps tiffin for him. Arjun is touched. Mannu says you are buying so many sarees. Chandani appreciates Arjun for showing her variety of sarees. Later he comes home and thanks her. Chandani asks for what? Arjun says you know and gives saree in her hand. He says sorry for ruining her saree before which Saheb ji had gifted her. He says this saree will look good on you. Chandani looks on. Munna comes to shop and says he came to meet him. He tells him that he needs a job like him.

Owner asks Arjun if he knows English and asks him to deliver clothes in Saheb ji’s house and asks him not to argue over money. Arjun says he can’t go as he don’t know anything about fabric, rates etc. Owner asks someone to go with Arjun. Munna asks if he is scared of Saheb ji. Arjun says no. Munna says if Chandani tells him. Arjun says she will not tell as she has promised me. Munna says he don’t understand their fighting relation. Chandani comes to Janki and asks her to help her wear saree.. Janki thinks she exposed my son and asking my help. She says she has oil in her hand. Chandani goes to Reva and asks her to help her wear saree. Reva asks her to take Sulochana’s help. Chandani asks Sulochana to make her wear saree. Sulochana refuses and tells that they are not coming in the party and has not forgotten that Reva tried to commit suicide because of Saheb ji. She says she is quiet thinking her to be motherless daughter. Chandani gets teary eyes. Arjun comes and asks what you are saying, sees Chandani emotional.


Half Marriage 12th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:Arjun helps Chandani wear saree and tells that he is also coming to the party. A romantic song plays. He tells that he is coming because he learnt how to be happy in others’ happiness from her and says his happiness lies in her happiness. Chandani gets emotional.

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