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Half Marriage 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arjun And Chandani About To Confess Love


Half Marriage 14th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 14th December 2017 Episode Start With Meenakshi telling Saheb ji that Chandani’s inlaws were waiting to meet you. She asks him to make his damad meet high command. High command asks Saheb ji to call him. Chandani goes to call him. Arjun searches for Chandani. Chandani comes and asks whom he is searching? Arjun says he is searching for wild cat. Chandani says Papa wants to meet him and asks him if he took time out to get ready. Arjun says he got ready to impress her.

Saheb ji introduces Arjun and his family to high command. Meenakshi asks Arjun if he handles his father and Mama’s shop or do something. High command asks in which company he is working? Arjun recalls telling Chandani that he is working as salesman in saree shop and gets tensed. Arjun is about to say, but just then Chandani asks Singh to have something. Arjun thanks Chandani for helping him. Meenakshi hears and thinks something is wrong. Saheb ji talks to Singh and he tells that he will announce his nomination for CM post and tells that now Arjun and his family are here, asks him to take pic. Saheb ji gets happy and tells Suryaprakash that he will become CM soon. He comes to Chandani and praises her, and says that whatever a daughter can do, a son can’t do. He asks her if Arjun is troubling her.

Chandani says it is all past now and tells that Arjun is a nice guy and trying to change for her. She tells that he took a job in the saree shop for her. Saheb ji is shocked. Meenakshi hears them. Chandani asks him not to tell anyone and says Arjun’s family doesn’t know. Saheb ji says I will not tell anyone. He says my daughter has become matured. Meenakshi hears and thinks your hard work will not go waste.

Janki tells Sulochana that they shall meet the guests. Sulochana refuses. Sulochana says we shall go home. Chandani searches for Arjun and come to him. She tells Arjun that she wants to say him something and asks what he wants to tell her. They both look at each other. Mannu comes there and says he will present two people’s heart feelings. He teases them and says I love you bhabhi ji. He goes. Arjun says I didn’t say this. Chandani says it is strange that air is calling me bhabhi. Meenakshi asks Sulochana about her saree and says your son might have understand about the saree now. Arjun tells Chandani that he don’t feel comfortable in party and that’s why came out. Chandani says yes, even she feels bored. She tells him that she wants to tell him since morning.

Arjun says I am waiting to hear from you and to tell you. Aye dil bekarar plays…Chandani is about to confess her love, but again Mannu comes and takes them downstairs. Meenakshi asks Sulochana where is your son and says she wants to order some sarees. Sulochana says why my son will work in saree shop and says he is MBA and will not do small work. Chandani tells Arjun that Meenakshi was Rahul’s mother. Arjun comes there. She asks Arjun about the saree prize. Chandani asks how Arjun will know? Meenakshi says he works in saree shop.


Half Marriage 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun and Chandani have an argument. Manohar falls down. Arjun beats Surya prakash. Chandani asks him to get out.

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