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Half Marriage 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arjun Misunderstands Chandani And Breaks Relation With Her


Half Marriage 15th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 15th December 2017 Episode start With Meenakshi telling that she heard Chandani telling Saheb ji that Arjun works in Saree shop. She says when his papa and mama sell animal food, then son will sell sarees and petty coat. Sulochana scolds Chandani and asks why did she lied? She says if we are called here to get insulted. She says you know that Arjun got a good job. Meenakshi says so chandani was lying. Chandani says I was not lying, but was telling my Papa that Arjun don’t think work small or big and I was praising him saying that he is fulfilling his duties and working hard and says I know when right times comes, then Arjun will tell everyone. Meenakshi says Chandani hides the fact from his family, but told her father. Arjun gets angry.

Sulochana asks Arjun if he is working in saree shop. Chandani asks him to listen to her. Arjun brushes off her hand and asks what is left to hear, and says you told your Papa where I work. Chandani asks him to listen. High command asks Saheb ji why Arjun is shouting at Chandani. Chandani tries to clarify. Arjun says you have seen your real face once again and says how can I forget that you are liar, betrayal and cunning Saheb ji’s daughter and asks someone to clap for Chandani. He says what an acting and says I being a simple man trusted you. Chandani asks him to listen and asks him to calm down, says Papa’s guest is here.

Arjun says I shall calm down. He says he didn’t hope with anyone to welcome his family, but he trusted her, but she broke his trust. He says I convinced my mother, but she got insulted here. High Command asks what is happening here and says Media will be here in sometime, you said that your daughter is happy in her inlaws home. Saheb ji asks him not to worry. Arjun says you have broken my trust. Chandani says we shall talk inside. Arjun says what is left now and says your Papa is everything to you and is great. He talks about sanskar and all good things and you people always come in his talks and makes him win elections and then he fools people like us.

Chandani asks Arjun what her Papa has done to him and says you have no right to raise finger on me. Saheb ji says we shall go and talk in study. High Command says you can’t handle a guy, how can you handle the nation. Media asks if he will announce Saheb ji’s name for CM post. High command says no. Arjun and Chandani hears them. Arjun says now I understood why your father have kept party, your father wants to show our family and want to express that Saheb ji is great to get his daughter marry a commoner, so that people makes him CM. Surya Prakash comes and pushes Manohar. He asks Arjun what you have done. Arjun slaps Surya prakash. Chandani asks what you have done and asks him to get out. Arjun says I did a mistake by coming here, and says now he don’t want to listen or hear anything, everything is finished.

They come back home. Sulochana is upset. Arjun apologizes to her and asks her to see at him once. He says I remember everything that you made me do MBA with so much hardwork, and I worked in saree shop. Sulochana says this means you never know us and says she never valued a person with the small or big job, and reminisces the past. She says we were sure that you will never hide from us, but you shared the truth with that girl and says you are not our Arjun. She says we have animal food shop, but that doesn’t mean that we are small people, and says their strength is their family union and asks Reva to call the scrap merchant and sell all the stuff to him. Arjun cries.


Half Marriage 18th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun apologizes to Sulochana. Later he sees Chandani standing outside his house while it is raining.

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