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Half Marriage 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Half Marriage 15th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 15th November 2017 Episode Start With Sulochana saying she will bring turmeric milk for her. Shakti praises Janki and says you made your blood flow and says if Police had come then…Rakhi sees his hand and asks if his hand cut with a mirror. Janki gets tensed and asks her to bring milk for her. Shakto says Rakhi is your daughter, but today her mind started working like old clock. He says if Police had come then everyone would have known who did this. Mama ji asks who did this> Janki shouts and pretends to have pain. She tells that they were talking about Arjun and Chandani. Mama ji says he will drop Chandani to her house in the morning and tells that Arjun can’t do such cheap things. Janki thinks she has to do something.

Reva talks to Chandani about Arjun, Manohar and Sulochana. She says Sulochana have seen many up and down in life. Chandani says are you telling me to make me belief about Arjun. Sulochana comes and asks Reva to tell Chandani to have milk. Reva praises Sulochana. Chandani drinks milk. In the morning, mama ji tells Janki that he will drop Chandani to her house and asks for Arjun. Janki says he went out. Chandani asks her to send her stuff with Servants. Janki nods. Mama ji brings Saheb ji to his house and sees Police outside the house. She sees Saheb ji handcuffed and asks inspector to open the hand cuff.

Inspector says someone filed complaint against him that he made Arjun Sharma accept his daughter as his wife. Inspector takes Saheb ji to police station. Chandani praises him and asks Inspector who filed the complaint. She says she wants to know. Inspector says he have to check in file. Just then Chandani sees Arjun and mannu in the Police station and goes behind him. They leave. Chandani looks on angry. Saheb ji says I can’t believe that Arjun filed complaint against me to ruin my name and make people belief that I am a bad man. He sees wound on her hand and asks her. Mama ji (surrender) is about to tell. Saheb ji makes an excuse. He asks Mama ji to talk to him if there is anything. Sampath says your signature is needed for bail.

Saheb ji asks Chandani to go home and says he is going to Lucknow. Mama ji asks Chandani why she ran out. She says take me home. Janki waits for Saheb ji’s call. Arjun comes back home. Reva asks where you went. Arjun says for important work. Sulochana says she made kheer for them. Chandani returns and shouts at Arjun. Kheer falls down from Sulochana’s hand. She holds his collar and asks how dare you to file complaint against my papa. She says he has insulted my father. Janki thinks golden hen came back again. Mama ji tries to say. Chandani says I would have called Police here, but I respected everyone and stayed quiet. Mannu says we went for some other work. Arjun asks him not to give clarification. Chandani says I just hate you. She says she will not get afraid from him and challenges him to kick her out of house.


Half Marriage 16th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saheb ji and Janki conspires against Arjun and Chandani. Janki traps Arjun in her conspiracy.

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