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Half Marriage 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandani Apologizes To Arjun


Half Marriage 19th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 19th December 2017 Episode Start With Arjun asking Chandani to leave. Chandani says she wouldn’t have returned if she had not thought about his family as hers. Arjun says I am fed up and don’t want to hear anything. Chandani says until you forgive me, I will stand outside. Arjun says your apology and you, both are fake. He asks Manohar and others not to open the door. Manohar asks what you are saying? Arjun says if she really thoughtthis house as hers, then she would have come with us and talk. He says she asked me to get out, and haven’t stopped anyone. Reva says whatever she said was in anger. Janki says if Saheb ji comes to know. Arjun says let her stay outside, she will stay for someone and then will go in her father’s car. He asks them not to open the door and gives promise.

Surya Prakash asks Saheb ji if Arjun and his family don’t forgive Chandani then you can’t become CM. Saheb ji asks him to calm down and tells that you don’t know Chandani. He says Chandani is spoilt by him, but she has her mum’s values and she can’t bear injustice. If she thinks she is wrong then she will not be at peace until she gets forgiveness. He says she will not care for the heat or rain until she gets forgiveness. Chandani thinks about their conversation. Main tenu samjhawa ji plays.., She gets drenched in rain. Reva asks Arjun why he is not opening the door. Arjun says he don’t care for her and asks Reva to go. Arjun thinks about her. Main Tenu Samjhawa plays….He comes out. Chandani holds her ears and apologizes. She feels dizzy. Sulochana gets up to close the window and sees Chandani standing out. Manohar asks if Chandani is still out. Sulochana comes out of house and before she can hold Chandani, Arjun comes and holds her as she is about to fall. Sajna Ve plays….Arjun takes her to room.

Sulochana asks Reva to close the window and asks Arjun to change the clothes. She takes care of Chandani. Chandani wakes up and sees Arjun standing out and smiles. She apologizes to Sulochana. Sulochana says forgiveness is hope from our family, and says she has nothing with outsiders. Chandani says if she is an outsider and tells that she doesn’t have a mum and asks her to teach her, calls her Maa. Sulochana asks her not to call her Maa and says she can never be her Maa. Chandani says nobody forced me to call you Maa and says she said this with heart. Sulochana says you are a guest and shall stay as a guest. Chandani asks if this is my punishment. Sulochana goes. Janki smirks.

Arjun searches for his phone and calls Baiju. Chandani comes there and gives his phone, says sorry holding her ears.


Half Marriage 20th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun says I forgave you today, and says there is nothing between us, now scores are settled. How Chandani will change Arjun’s refusal into acceptance.

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