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Half Marriage 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update

Chandani Determines To Expose Raj’s Truth


Half Marriage 1st March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 1st March 2018 Episode Start With Saheb ji asking Chandani to come and hear people’s queries. Sampath calls someone and asks to spy on Maya. Sulochana feeds him. Arjun says it is enough and tells that you used to feed me same way in childhood. Everyone is shocked. Arjun makes an excuse. Janki tells Arjun that there is no Servant at home and tells that Baiju ran away with 2 months advance salary.

Arjun says you needs Servant. He calls Maya and asks her to arrange domestic help for him. Arjun thinks Chandani became politician, but have done bad with him. He recalls telling Chandani that he wants politician to give same quality of education to all kids with same fees. Chandani says if she becomes politician then she will support him.

Sampath tells Chandani that Media wants to meet you as you have done so much for people, got free education for kids, employment to kids etc. Chandani says whatever I have done is for someone’s dream. Sampath goes. Chandani looks at Arjun and her pic and thinks why you are not telling that you are Arjun. Saheb comes to Chandani and asks her to come. She says ok. Saheb ji thinks she agreed so soon.

Servant comes to Arjun’s house. Janki explains her work. Arjun asks her to take care of his parents first. She says she will and asks Janki if she shall make food. Janki says ok. Servant goes to kitchen and calls Sampath. She says she will give him news about Arjun.

Sampath tells Chandani that work is done. Chandani says she will make him drink bhang in holi party so that his real face will come out. Janki talks to Rakhi and says everyone is fine. Sulochana asks her to give call to Arjun. Arjun talks to Rakhi and asks her to come. She thinks if Arjun returned. Arjun asks Shakti to call bring Rakhi and asks Anuj to call everyone for holi party. Saheb ji calls Arjun and tells him about holi party.

Arjun says you all have to come here as we are celebrating holi here where my factory will be build and asks him to bring chandani also. Chandani tells Sampath that this is their last chance. Saheb ji comes to Chandani and says Raj called us to party. He says I will go and will make an excuse that you couldn’t come. Chandani says I will come. Saheb ji says ok and goes. Chandani says she will make Raj say the truth.

Sulochana tells Neighbors that he is Arjun. Arjun says he is Arjun only and will burn all negativity in the holika dahan. Shakti brings Rakhi there. Rakhi hugs him and thanks for doing this, although he is not Arjun. Arjun asks how are you Di. They start holika dahan. Arjun takes out Chandani’s pic and throws in fire.


Half Marriage 2nd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun throws color on Chandani’s forehead. He asks if she is scared to see her maang filled.

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