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Half Marriage 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arjun Hides His Emotions Due To Status Fear


Half Marriage 22nd December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 22nd December 2017  Episode start with Arjun asking Sulochana why is she upset, because of Chandani who will leave the house in 2 weeks and says Chandani herself told me this. Chandani hears him. Arjun says our marriage is of two months. Sulochana asks what do you mean? Arjun says it is Saheb ji’s conspiracy, he sacrificed his daughter for his career. He sees her standing and reminisces her and asks Sulochana not to be upset. He says I did a mistake by trusting her and says he wants freedom from Chandani, Saheb ji and others. He says after some day, I will search job and will stand afresh.

He says I will search the girl who resembles you, whom I can trust, who don’t lie or cheat and says Chandani is not the one. He sees her and says he realizes his mistake. He asks her to give him a chance and says your Ajun is still same. Sulochana hugs him. Chandani cries, and stops on the way.

Saheb ji tells Surya prakash that he is sure that the phone call was related to Arjun. He says this is not my Chandani and tells that she is getting attached to them. He says what to do to make her believe that Arjun and his family can do something to kick her out. Surya prakash asks what you have thought? Saheb ji says I have to burn my daughter. Suryaprakash and Sampath get shocked.

Mannu asks Arjun if he talked to Chandani or not. Arjun asks why? Mannu says she is worried about you since morning. Arjun says very soon she will become CM’s daughter, now everything is settled. Mannu says wow and tells him that Chandani made food for him and have also searched him all around in the city. He asks him to swear and say, if lights of love was not ignited in his heart. Arjun says he is just a saree seller and she is to be CM’s daughter.

He says I learnt one thing after selling saree. He says when I show some costly saree to women, they asked me to show affordable saree. He says he can’t think of Chandani even in imagination. He says Chandani and I can’t unite. Mannu says you will go to space and bring her back. Arjun says people touch moon and then return back to Earth. He says he is doing this for her betterment. Mannu hugs him and gets teary eyes. Arjun asks him to watch film. They leave.

Chandani thinks about Arjun’s words and cries. Reva comes there. Arjun asks her to come and watch film. Chandani refuses to go and says she can’t stay without AC. Arjun goes out. Reva says I know you have make excuse. Chandani says no and says she will talk to her friend. Reva goes. Chandani cries.

Surya Prakash asks did you think of plan? Saheb ji says everything is ready. Surya prakash says if Chandani gets hurt. Saheb ji says he can sacrifice for his career and asks if my daughter can’t do this for me. Someone is keeping an eye on house. Chandani feels someone presence and says I am not afraid of anyone. Reva and Mannu sit in auto. Arjun says he will bring purse and is about to go.


Half Marriage 25th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun tells Chandani that until he is there, nobody can touch her. Song plays…

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