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Half Marriage 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update

ampath Reveals Truth To Chandani And Arjun


Half Marriage 22nd March 2018 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 22nd March 2018 Episode Start With Maya asking Arjun why did he give 150 crore to Siddharth just like that, and says I have always thought you as my mentor and friend, and says you was upset with me since whatever happened between us, and asks if there is something between Chandani and him. Arjun asks her to let him be alone and says I don’t want to talk now. Maya thinks if Raj is Arjun and thinks to solve the mystery. He drops her at hotel room. Arjun gets message about the attack on him and thinks Chandani messaged him. He thinks I won’t get trap this time. He reaches the cliff.

Chandani comes there and is quite surprised to see him. He says so you called me here and shows the message. Chandani is shocked and says someone sent me same message and shows her mobile. Arjun asks who can send same message to us. Chandani says may be he understood that you are Arjun. Arjun says he is Raj. Chandani asks can you spare few mins and asks can I tell something to Raj about my husband. She says Arjun’s death truth. Arjun says same thing is written, so this means you have sent this message.

Chandani says I haven’t sent this and says she wants to tell him about Arjun’s truth. She says if you are not Arjun, then why did you come here. Arjun says I am not interested, I want to ask you to stop doing all this. He says when I came here then will hear your story. Chandani says I used to love him Arjun a lot and loves him even now and will love him till death. Arjun smiles. Chandani says that day he went from my house in anger, and I got a message that his life is in danger, and only I could save him. She says Sulochana had thrown them out. They left home. Arjun was about to meet with an accident, but she saved him.

She says she had taken Arjun out of city and when he was confessing love, I was thinking how to save him. She says Sampath kaka asked me to act to kill Arjun with fake bullets. She says when she shot him, she saw blood coming out and thought she killed him. She tried to shoot at herself, but the bullets were fake. She says somebody was there who shot Arjun,. Arjun don’t believe on her story and says you are a good story teller and says interesting. He says there is a loop holes and says you would have told Arjun, and says it is a bakwas.

Chandani says she fired fake bullet on him and don’t know how he was shot. Arjun says you had shot real bullet and shows the bullet. Chandani is surprised to see him confessing his identity. He says he has kept it safely and confesses to her that he is Arjun Sharma. He asks her to see it carefully and says he has kept it safely. He says now you know that I am Arjun. Sampath comes there and says you both don’t know about that day’s truth. He says I have called you both here. He says I couldn’t handle the burden anymore.

Sampath says the truth which is ruining two lives shall be truth, and tells that Chandani told half story as she don’t know it is incomplete. Arjun asks what you wants to tell. Sampath says it is truth and says you have raised hand on Surya Prakash and then you left. He tells Saheb ji got angry and gave his murder contract. He says I got shocked and that’s why sent you that message. Chandani says you..have sent me message. Sampath tells that he was shocked with what he saw, and tells that Saheb ji tells Sampath, you couldn’t save Arjun. Sampath says I will get you arrested. Saheb ji says if you try to do such thing then Chandani and you, both will be arrested, as she shot him. I have proofs. Fb ends. Sampath tells Chandani that he was silent ever since, but continued to stood by her. He tells about Saheb ji’s plan to get her married and emotionally blackmailed her. chandani and Arjun are shocked.


Half Marriage 23rd March 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun and Chandani hug each other. Arjun says Saheb ji is guilty and will be punished for his sins. Later Arjun comes to Saheb ji’s house and acts as ghost.

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