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Half Marriage 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update


Half Marriage 26th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 26th December 2017 Episode Start With with Chandani telling that she will make tea for everyone and asks Baiju to teach her. She makes tea following his instructions. Manohar is repairing the sitar. Mama Surender comes there and sits. Chandani brings tea and says she made it. She gives tea to surrender and Manohar. They take a sip and likes it. They give her shagun. Janki comes and gives her money too. Chandani asks why you are giving money for tea. Surrender laughs and says it is shagun for your first rasoi. Chandani thanks them and goes. Reva tries maang tika and likes it.

Chandani comes there and gives them tea. Reva asks if she is coming for marriage. Sulochana says we are not going to AC function call and not going in AC car. Chandani says I don’t know anyone there and gives her tea. Arjun comes there. Chandani says I was coming to your room. Sulochana asks him to drink and says when she returns, people will say we have taught her something. Chandani’s smiles vanish.

Arjun tells Manohar that he can’t attend marriage today. Janki tells Saheb ji that she will take Chandani to marriage function. Saheb ji asks her not to force Chandani to go. Chandani drinks tea and thinks it is good. Reva comes there and asks her to apply mascara. She asks if everything is fine between Arjun and her. Chandani says you knows everything. Reva says you might feel bad as you loves him. Chandani says no and says your brother dislikes me. Reva asks her to realize strength of mangalsutra and says neither you nor your love is weak.

She looks at mangalsutra on her neck. She gets ready, wears saree, make up, jewellery, etc. Sawarlu song plays….She applies sindoor on the forehead fully and applies bindi. She looks at her bangles and smiles.

Saheb ji plans to burn Chandani and looks at his wife’s pic. He thinks of marrying the woman when he had suryaprakash already. Surya Prakash asks Saheb ji what Sampath was telling. Saheb ji asks him not to interfere in his personal life. Surya Prakash says I was seeing him with you since my childhood and asks what did he say about Chandani. Saheb ji throws something on him and it hits the photo frame. Surya prakash is shocked. Saheb ji asks him not to ask about the secret again else he will not spare him. He says I forgive you this time. Surya Prakash is shocked.

Arjun talks to sarees dealer and asks him to send the sarees. Chandani comes and says I want to talk to you something. Arjun asks why she is dressed up like…Chandani says just as wife gets ready. Arjun asks why she is doing this and what does she wants. Chandani says you get affected with sindoor and mangalsutra in my neck. Arjun says I don’t get affected. Chandani asks why did he care for her and shared his secret with her. Arjun says he don’t feel anything for her. Chandani asks if he had promised the same thing with someone else too. Arjun says you was scared and I said that to make you feel safe. She asks why did you make me sleep on your shoulder all night and is about to go, smiles. Arjun asks why you are smiling? Chandani says you are a coward. She says whenever you are with me, she feels safe and happy with her. Whenever she sees him sad, her heart cries and when she sees him happy, her heart smiles, when she hears about 2 weeks time, it seems like knife is stabbing in her heart, and with the thought of staying with him, she feels like she is getting moonlight in her heart. She asks if he don’t feel like she feels.


Half Marriage 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saheb ji comes to Chandani’s house and switches on the gas knob. She says I have to do this to make you believe that your sasural wants mukti from you. Chandani lights the match stick and the cylinder explodes. Saheb ji sees from his car.

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