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Half Marriage 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Saheb Ji Attempts To Burn Chandani Alive For Political Gain


Half Marriage 27th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 27th December 2017 Episode Start With Chandani asking Arjun to tell that he don’t get affected by her presence. Arjun says no. Chandani says you can’t let me go far from you. Main Tenu Samjhawa ji plays…They have an eye lock. Saheb ji comes there and calls Chandani. Arjun goes from there. Chandani says I will make tea for you. Saheb ji thinks of a plan.

He asks her if she has medicine for headache. She says she will make ginger tea. He says he will go to car and get tablet. She goes. Saheb ji goes to kitchen and switches on the gas knob, thinks I have to do this to make you believe that your sasural people can do anything to harm you. He says until you reach home, I can’t CM. He goes in hall. Arjun comes to kitchen and drinks water. He is going out. Saheb ji asks do you have hatred for me and apologizes.

Arjun says you don’t need to say sorry, I have some work and goes. Chandani comes and tries to talk to Arjun. Saheb ji takes the medicine, and asks her to make tea for Arjun. He says I love you very much. Chandani says even I love you.

Saheb ji asks her to take care. Chandani asks him to take medicine. Saheb ji says now I will leave. Chandani looks at him and says I love you Papa. She goes to kitchen to make tea, but lighter don’t work. She turns to take match stick. Saheb ji sits in car. Chandani searches for match stick and looks on. Chandani tries to light match stick. Arjun comes home and sees the flame. He shouts Chandani. Saheb ji sees the flame and closes his eyes, he goes in car.

Arjun takes the burnt person to hospital and cries. Saheb ji reaches home and looks at his wife’s pic. Sampath tells him that everyone reached hospital, media etc. Saheb ji says I am thankful to you and says this is called swami bhakti. He says I left all windows open, so the mishap won’t be big. Sampath sees tears in his eyes and asks him. Saheb ji says my daughter is burnt.

Reporter tells about fire accident at Chandani’s house. Saheb ji comes there and says now a father is standing infront of you and says whoever is responsible, I will not leave the person. Manohar, Reva, Janki, shakti and Surinder comes there. Saheb ji accuses Arjun and asks why did he do this with his daughter, and asks why did you burn my daughter, you would have burnt me. Surinder is about to say, but Saheb ji says everyone is responsible. He asks Inspector to arrest Arjun and his family, and says I didn’t know this will happen after I leave. He asks God to save his daughter. Chandani says Papa. Saheb ji is shocked to hear her voice and sees her fine.


Half Marriage 28th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Saheb ji tells Inspector that Janki took money from him and says she has burnt his daughter. He says court will decide and asks Chandani to come with him.

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