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Half Marriage 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update


Half Marriage 28th September 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Chandani coming back home in auto and tells Kaka that someone punctured his car tyre. She thinks she will take out his biodata. She searches him on social networking site and gets his details. She says he is Arjun Sharma, and he is single. She thinks who will waste your life with you and gets his work place details to make him say sorry to her. Arjun says sorry to his mum. His mum says they have to go to temple, as his job is essential. Servant tells that somebody came. Chandani’s friend comes and tells that his mum asked them to go to temple. She talks to Chandani and asks her to go with her son. Chandani asks him to go and calls Simmy. She says Rishi came early morning. She asks her to come to temple and save her. Arjun comes to temple with his mum.

Rishi and Chandani also come there. Arjun rings the bell and says God please give darshan. Simmy comes wearing Burqa and slaps Rishi for betraying her. Rishi says I don’t know you. Chandani says you have hurt me and goes from there. Rishi says he is not Rizwan. Simmy says Rizwan looks like you and calls him bhaiyya. Chandani and Arjun sit in the same auto. Chandani offers to give more money to him. He agrees. Arjun gets down from the rickshaw and makes the auto stopped for breaking traffic rules. He gets another auto and goes, while Chandani looks on upset.

Saab Ji calls Surya Prakash as he is going inside home. Surya prakash tells his father that the construction companies will expose their fraud which they will be doing in the name of making bridge. Saab Ji says this is a fight which shall be fought with intelligence. He enquires about Vishnu and asks him to get all their data removed. Arjun comes to the office, employer asks him to get the luxury construction details removed from the hard disk. Vishnu comes to Saab ji and tells that his wife and kids are missing. Saab ji says your family and asks him to do something. Vishnu agrees and goes.

Arjun gets the hard disk after removing the data, and goes to washroom. Chandani is sitting there. Arjun comes back. Chandani tells that her mobile is stolen, and someone must have stolen it. Manager says our regular customers can’t steal. Arjun also refuses get his stuff checked. Chandani asks why is he scared. Staff checks his laptop bag and says there is nothing in it. Arjun says it seems I know you and says he will call on her phone to trace it.

He calls her and the phone rings from her own purse. Arjun asks if this is your purse, so your phone is inside. He asks her to apologize to them and also pay their bills. She refuses. Arjun asks her to say sorry. Chandani says sorry and pays the bill. Arjun is gone by then. Chandani says next time she will see him. She comes out and sees him. He says he would have exposed her as CCTV was there. He saw her dropping her phone in that and that’s why kept phone back to her purse. She says sorry.


Half Marriage 29th September 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun gives interview to Media that Saab ji and his son are doing fraud of 300 crores. Later his employer sends money for him.

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