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Half Marriage 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Saheb Ji Reveals Chandani Is Not His Daughter


Half Marriage 29th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 29th December 2017 Episode Start With Doctor telling that Sulochana will be fine soon. Arjun says you will be fine and don’t need to worry. He says I will take you home. Chandani makes Sulochana have water and calls her Maa. Sulochana gets angry seeing her face and pushes her, making the glass fall down. She asks Chandani not to call her Maa. She asks Arjun to tell her to go to her house and says she has conspired to kill me. Chandani says she didn’t let the gas knob open and says she is innocent. Janki says you have only done this and says nothing happened as your Papa said. She says Nanand ji can’t do this. She says there must be a reason for doubting on you.

Surinder asks Janki to talk later.. Janki says her father accused us and told that he will get us arrested. She says Chandani was in the kitchen since morning and even made tea for all. She says nobody went to kitchen except her. Chandani says I think all of you as my family and asks why I will do this. Janki says you are jealous as your saas haven’t accepted you. Chandani cries.

Janki says why did your father come that day only and that incident happened, he must have told you to burn your saas. Chandani asks others if they think she did this.

Saheb ji talks to Commissioner. Commissioner asks him to end the matter right there. Sampath says it is not easy to handle Media. Saheb ji says what you are saying. Commissioner says if they enquire taking Janvi’s statement then Chandani will be accused.

Saheb ji thinks he wanted that, but nothing happened as planned. He tells Sampath what to do, and says he lost because of Chandani, his dream is shattering because of him and says I remember what I told to that Baba who asked me to choose way to get my destination. He says what did you say, bhabhi ji’s safe keeping and says she is not my daughter or my blood. He says I gave her good upbringing so that I can use her in future. He asks Sampath if he recalls how he got married. A fb is shown, Widower Saheb ji marries a widow/divorcee woman and says I accept the child in her womb. I will not differentiate between his and his wife’s children. His wife’s father (a politician) gets happy and makes him head of young Sanskar Sena, and says party future is you. Fb ends.

He says I didn’t marry her to do her kalian, but married her as she was the leader’s daughter. Sampath says but circuit house incident. Saheb ji asks what you say it everytime and tells that his wife was hindering his future. He asks Sampath to calm down his forehead and says he will never lose from anyone.

Janki asks Chandani if she heard and asks her to come, says she will file FIR against her. Arjun stops Chandani, holds her hand and stops Janki from taking her. He asks Janki not to file FIR against Chandani. Janki asks do you want to file FIR and says it is good, now you get her arrested. Arjun says nobody will get her arrested and says I know she is innocent. Janki asks if you are mad and asks can’t you see her real face behind her innocent face. She says did you forget how she humiliated us on muh dikhayi rasam. Arjun says Chandani is staying with us since 2 months and I know her more than you all. He says she is stubborn, spoilt, arrogant, attitude, sharp tongue, but she can’t hurt anyone specially my mother. Chandani is teary eyes. Inspector asks Sulochana if she has doubt on anyone.

Arjun signs Sulochana not to take Chandani’s name. Chandani says this all happened because of me, and says I made tea in the morning, and went later also, may be the gas knob was opened by my hand. Arjun says Chandani. Chandani says I went to kitchen without thinking I don’t know how to handle it. Arjun says I can guarantee that Chandani can’t do this, I was in the house. Everyone went to attend marriage, we didn’t know Maa will come anytime. He says if Chandani had to do anything then she would have done when Maa was at home. Inspector says he needs everyone’s statement and says if this is the case then Saheb ji’s words may be true. Saheb ji comes there and says I will tell you who is the real culprit. He asks Inspector to file FIR against him.


Half Marriage 1st January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Saheb ji tells Sampath about Chandani not being his daughter. Chandani wants to start the life with Arjun. Sulochana asks Chandani to make 56 bhogs. Chandani gets tensed.

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