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Half Marriage 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update


Half Marriage 3rd November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 3rd November 2017 Episode Start With Chandani have juice and catches a ball which a boy throws near her. She throws the ball and asks boy to enjoy. She waves the people on the road. Neighbors gossip saying why Sharma ji bahu was sleeping on the road and says if it was dowry matter. Arjun comes to Chandani. She asks him to give film magazine. Sulochana says why she is making drama. Arjun brings her inside the house and asks why she slept on road.

Chandani says you kicked me out of room and tells that she don’t want to sleep in small rooms. Arjun asks why didn’t you go to your father’s house. Sulochana says she planned this humiliation for him. Chandani says no and is about to take Janki’s name, but Janki stops her and tells that Chandani needs a big room. Arjun’s father asks Chandani to shift to Sulochana and his room, and says they will shift to Arjun’s house. Chandani says she don’t want to take his room. Arjun’s father asks her to take her and smiles. Chandani smiles. Sulochana says she don’t want to give room to her. Janki says she shall agree with her husband and says I will give my room to her. Mama ji agrees. Arjun’s father says no and tells that Chandani will shift to their room. He asks Arjun to agree.

Chandani calls the servant. Arjun says he has kicked her servants out. Chandani asks why and asks how dare he? He comes closer to her and then opens the cupboard. He says when you can kick my parents then why can’t I kick your servants. Janki calls Saab ji and asks him to deal with her next time and asks him not to waste money on Sharma family. She says today is Chandani’s muh dikhayi and asks him for money indirectly. Saab ji says ok.

Anuj brings Chandani’s stuff and asks can I take selfie with you. Chandani says ofcourse. Arjun goes. Janki asks what she would like to have. Chandani says so many dishes and then decides on one. Janki says ok. She tells her that Sulochana is angry and will go on strike. Chandani says I didn’t ask for her room.

Munna comes and says he came to bath there. He reads the newspaper. Chandani comes having face pack on her face. Munna shouts. Chandani says she is Chandani. She checks in bathroom and asks where is the bath tub. They say that they have no bath tub. Chandani calls Sampath. Arjun sees some men bringing bath tub and thinks to teach her a lesson.


Half Marriage 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : During Chandani’s muh dikhayi, Saab ji sends some stuff. Neighbors gossip. Chandani asks him to tell what else he needs. Later Arjun goes to Saab ji’s house to bring Chandani home.

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