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Half Marriage 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Arjun Apologizes To Chandani


Half Marriage 5th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 5th December 2017 Episode start With Arjun burning the divorce papers and asks Chandani if she trusts him now. He says he is sorry from his heart and asks her to trust him. Mama ji and Janki smiles. Sulochana and Manohar looks on. Arjun says you can stay here until you wants, now no conspiracy, I will do as you says. Chandani goes. Mama ji asks Manohar what do these kids want. Sulochana is shocked and gets upset with Arjun. Janki calls Saheb ji and tells him that Arjun has burnt the divorce papers with his hand. Saheb ji says ok and asks her to give small news to Sampath. She asks him to give job to Anuj. Saheb ji says ok. Janki is about to talk more, but he disconnects the call.

Mannu tells Arjun that he got happy and touches his feet. He says you did great work and asks why can’t you understand why she cried. Arjun says even she wants divorce. Mannu says she wanted before and says now she wants something else. Arjun asks what she is asking? Mannu says she wants your heart and love, and says you don’t realize this, but Chandani started loving you in her heart. Arjun gets up and asks what nonsense? He says she wants you to stop her from leaving the house. Arjun asks what nonsense.

Chandani thinks about Arjun’s words and the glass falls from her hand. Arjun comes and says he will clean it and says you might get hurt. Chandani says you don’t care. Arjun says it is not his cup of tea to do conspiracy and says since you came here, something happened which made them get upset with each other. He says he really enjoyed those two days during competition and enjoyed all those moments. He says you jumped into fire to save my certificate, and says I remember everything. He says I couldn’t remember what you said that you came here for 2 mins, and asks what after that, you will go. He says these moments is a partner for short time and says until we will be together. We were tied forcibly in marriage and says our marriage couldn’t work as…Chandani says as I am Saheb ji’s daughter. Arjun says we are suitable for each other, and we both don’t love each. He says atleast we both agree with this and says sorry. He holds his ears and says sorry. Chandani is about to go. Arjun says wherever you go, you will find me and I will apologize to you. He gets a call.

He tells Mannu that he hurt Chandani and her father wants to meet him. He says he did a mistake and don’t hesitate to bend down when he is wrong. Surya Prakash tells Saheb ji that he is not understanding his moves. Saheb ji asks him to sit. Surya prakash says you have to talk to high command about my career and you have called him.

Saheb ji says I got a mohra in my hand and asks him to understand. He says it is a part of his politics to call him. Reva tells Chandani that she is happy as Arjun has burnt the divorce papers. She hugs Chandani and apologizes to her for misunderstanding her. She says even Sulochana will understand you. Chandani thinks your brother still thinks me as Saheb ji’s daughter. Arjun comes to Saheb ji. Saheb ji says I have a request for you and tells about the party next week, in which Minister is coming. He says Party workers asked him to give your reception party also. He says he will send formal invitation, but wants his approval. Arjun says Chandani will come, but please forgive me, I can’t come.

Saheb ji says if you don’t want to come then it is your wish. He says but people will talk about the bus incident, I will handle them and will ask Chandani to keep smile on her face. He thanks them for coming. Arjun and Mannu leaves. Surya prakash asks Saheb ji if he feels good to get insulted. Saheb ji asks him to have patience and says her weak nerve is in my hands, and I will press it so that he will come with all his family members. He says high command will not propose me for CM post until I present Chandani’s happy marriage. He asks him to say who has sacrifice his own daughter for politics and says one shall know how to use power and laughs. Reva asks Chandani to drink something. Chandani says she can’t drink. Reva gets a call and goes. Arjun holds his ears and says sorry.


Half Marriage 6th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandani hurts Arjun’s ego and calls him jobless. Arjun searches for job.

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