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Half Marriage 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update


Half Marriage 7th November 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 7th November 2017 Episode start With Arjun asking Chandani to pay for her order. Chandani asks if she asked him to pay. He asks her to waste her father’s money, but not to involve him. Saab ji calls Janki and says today he is calling Chandani for pagphera and only Arjun have to come to take her back. Janki says someone will come surely. Saab ji tells that media and politicians will be here. Janki says can she come? Saab ji says for now, Arjun has to come with smiling face. Janki thinks how to convince Arjun.

Surya prakash comes in his car and sees Arjun doing some work. He calls him jija ji. Arjun says he has nothing to do with Chandani or him. Surya prakash says he came to take Chandani for pagphera. Arjun asks him to keep Chandani at his house after pagphera and says she don’t like food of our house. Chandani comes and says so much care pati dev…She greets Surya prakash and is about to sit in car, but falls….Arjun holds her and asks her to be careful. He says it is his responsibility that the thing shall be delivered back else he have to keep it. Surya prakash asks Arjun to come and take Chandani back. He warns him and sits in car. Arjun asks Mannu to get black eye off their house. Janki thinks to take Anuj’s help. Chandani comes home and meets Bhuvan kaka. She asks what are the things which he got made. Saab ji comes there and hugs her while telling poetry. He sees scratch on her hand and asks Sampath to take pic and send to Doctor asking about the medicine.

Chandani says she is upset with him and asks why he didn’t call her. Saab ji says that’s why he called her and says Arjun will come to take you back. Arjun refuses to go and bring Chandani back and says he has much work. Janki comes and acts, saying Chandani’s brother took Anuj with them forcibly and don’t know what they were doing with him. Anuj is at Saab ji’s house and telling Suyra prakash about social exposure. Mama ji says he will go and bring Chandani and Anuj back. Arjun says he will go and bring him back. He tells Mannu that Janki told that they have taken Anuj with them, and says it is his responsibility to bring her back. He says when he plays game then she will curse her destiny. Janki calls Anuj and asks him to fall down and get some wound. Anuj says what about his image. Janki asks him to do as she said.

Chandani thinks about her mother and gets emotional. Simmy asks if she lost with Arjun Sharma. Chandani says no and says she is making him dance on her tune. She tells about her dream life partner. She says she used to imagine when she gets ready to come to her mayka for pagphera, her husband permit her hesitantly and then just as I reach here, he comes following me with a bouquet, touches my father’s feet and says Chandani….I missed you. She says after two months, someone will come in my hand. They hear the door bell. Bhuvan kaka opens the door and asks who is he? Arjun moves the bouquet and shows his face smilingly. Chandani is shocked.


Half Marriage 8th November 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Arjun gives bouquet to Chandani and says I missed you….and smiles.

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