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Half Marriage 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Chandani Proves Reva’s Innocence


Half Marriage 8th December 2017 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 8th December 2017 Episode start with Arjun smiling and giving sweets to Chandani after she promises him not to tell anyone about his job as salesman, but asks him not to think that she has forgiven him. Arjun holds his ear and says until you forgive me, I will be standing like this. Just then they hear the raid by education dept who tells that they came to know that exam papers are leaked. Janki says my son is very hardworking.They get papers in Anuj’s room. Mama ji slaps him. Anuj says this is done by Reva and tells that when he collided with her, he saw the papers with her, later she must have hidden it in his room.

Janki calls her shameless. Reva says why she will leak final year papers and says it was Anuj’s papers. Janki says you are putting your blame on Anuj. Arjun tells Janki that Reva can’t do this. Education dept officer tells that they want to know the truth. Shakti tells that they have seen Reva with some guy and asks them to see CCTV footage. Reva says no need and accepts that she got the papers leaked. Everyone is shocked. Education dept officer tells that she will be barred from writing the exam and will be rusticated for 3 years. Sulochana scolds Reva for forgetting the truthful path, and says we have just self respect, but because of you, our head is let down. Janki praises Anuj and says she will make kheer puri for him.

Later, Arjun comes to Reva and says he was searching her. Reva is crying and says sorry. Arjun says I know you can’t do if even someone gives you question papers and asks her who was that guy? Reva couldn’t tell him. Arjun gets upset and goes. Chandani hears him and comes to Reva. She asks if Sameer was the guy who came to meet him. She says I know you are hiding this and says I know what you said. She asks why did you take blame of the crime which you haven’t done and also you are ruining Sameer’s reputation. She says it is not a crime to like a guy. Reva says you don’t know and tells that a girl committed suicide because of the neighbors.

Chandani says your brother is supportive and your parents too. Reva asks her to give her sometime and says she herself will tell them. Chandani asks her to tell everyone if she is serious for Sameer. She hugs her. Later in the room, Reva is crying while resting on bed. Chandani goes out of room to get water and sees Arjun practicing boxing with punching bag. She tells him that he shouldn’t have talked to Reva like that and says girls think that their families will judge them instead if understanding them. He asks what do you mean and says what do you think that I will judge a person without understanding him. Chandani says don’t you judge me and says I refused something and you judged me. Arjun is silent. Chandani asks him to tell what kind of man is he? She slips and falls in my arms. Sajna Ve plays…Arjun says I am the man who can’t hurt a woman or can’t see her getting hurt. Chandani smiles and goes.

Arjun eats curd sugar and says today is the first day of my job. Chandani brings Sameer home. Reva is shocked. Sameer tells Arjun that he is Reva’s friend and came that day to give her notes. Chandani says Reva was worried that they will misunderstand her and took big blame on herself. Sulochana and Manohar ask Reva if he is right.. Chandani says Reva got worried that you people will not understand her, and that ‘s why Anuj put blame on her and she had accepted. Janki says you know that Reva can do anything for me. Arjun and Chandani tell together that it was a misunderstanding. They both look at each other. Reva looks at Chandani.


Half Marriage 11th December 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Arjun brings Chandani for her and says it will suit you. He then makes her wear that saree. Later he thanks Chandani for wearing the saree. They both dance on the song.

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