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Half Marriage 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update

Chandani Refuses For Riya And Surya Prakash’s Alliance


Half Marriage 9th January 2018 Written Episode Update on

Half Marriage 9th January 2018 Episode Start With Arjun coming to Reva and see her standing alone. Reva gets tensed. He asks what you are doing here, as you went to go to washroom. Reva says she came from washroom and was thinking something. Arjun says lets go. Reva says yes. They leave. Sameer comes out from hiding.

Arjun thinks about Chandani. Chandani comes and asks why he is upset since they left from restaurant and asks if the food was not good. Arjun says I don’t know how to make you understand. Chandani says I can’t bear your silence and asks him to say. Arjun shows her bill and says you paid it. Chandani says as the treat was from my side. Arjun says it was from your Papa. He says you said that you have left your world and came to my world. Chandani says don’t you think so. Arjun says you are still living old life and says this house and neighborhood is my world. This girl is not part of my world. Chandani looks on.

Arjun says I would have felt proud if you have worked and earned money, but you have paid the bill with your papa’s money. He says he really felt bad and says you can’t be part of two worlds at same time. He asks her to choose from any one of the two world. Chandani looks on. She comes to him and says you said right, I can’t be in two worlds and says I have chosen world in which you are there, and says she will walk two steps ahead and reach him. She promises him and says from today…I will not use my Papa’s cards. Just then Saheb ji comes there and greets everyone.

Chandani comes out and hugs Saheb ji. She asks you are here at this time. Saheb ji says my daughter and my bahu, looks at Reva. He tells Chandani that you have opened my eyes and I am here because of you. He says that day in the hospital, we couldn’t talk. He says he talked about the marriage and says you might not like it. Arjun says yes. Saheb ji says whatever he told that day, was not political favors. He says he came to ask for Reva’s hand for Suryaprakash. He says he has many luxuries in the house, but have nothing like they have. He says it will be his good destiny if they agree.Manohar says my family is not suitable for your family. Saheb ji asks him not to say.

Arjun says we shall ask Reva once. Saheb ji says this is brother’s love and asks if you knows what she wants to do. Arjun says Reva will not like to marry Surya prakash. Saheb ji asks Reva to tell if she has someone else. Chandani holds Reva’s hand and steps infront of her. She says Gudiya will marry wherever she wants and we can’t force marriage on her. Saheb ji asks what you are saying? Chandani says everyone knows how I got married and says marriages can’t be forced. She apologizes and says this marriage can’t happen. Surya Prakash says she is right. Saheb ji says ok, I understood. He says I hope we will have relation like before and leaves. Surya Prakash comes to Saheb ji. Saheb ji praises him and says you have taken alliance back with prestige and says I can see your political career. Surya prakash says you have shaken up Reva by asking her. Reva tells chandani that Surya prakash know about Sameer. Chandani suggests him to tell about Sameer to atleast Arjun. Arjun comes and asks what?


Half Marriage 10th January 2018 Written Episode Update Precap : Chandani and Arjun wishes makar sankranti to Manohar and Sulochana. Chandani slips and falls down while flying the kite.

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