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Har Mard Ka Dard 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 10th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 10th April 2017 video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Anju asking ladies to take Prasad before leaving. Dadi sees Taneja and asks if he came alone. Someone says he came with Gulati. Dadi asks didn’t you bring her. Taneja says she didn’t come due to her exams. Dadi asks if she goes to college. Taneja says yes as he thinks she is asking about Ishani. Anju stops Dadi and asks Vinod to take Taneja. Vinod takes Taneja with him.

Anju tells Kanno that she told that gossip to Dadi. Kanno asks how couldn’t digest a gossip. She tells that Sonu hears them and asks Anju not to tell anyone. Anju says I told mummy ji by mistake. Sonu says what you people have done, if Vinod comes to know that I told you that gossip then he will kill me. Dadi sees Taneja and goes to him. She asks him to have icecream and says Chiku icecream is also there. Taneja praises her values. Dadi says whoever doesn’t have speed of 2 MBPS, they shall not switch on their hotspot.

Taneja asks what do you mean? Anju, kanno and Sonu come there. Dadi tells that she will make his batura. Taneja is shocked. Anju covers up and tells that she wants to make chole batura for you. Dadi refuses. Sonu signs Vinod to take Taneja. Vinod takes him. Dadi tells them that she will not leave him. Taneja thanks Vinod for hiding the secret. Vinod asks who was that woman in the icecream shop. Taneja tells that she was his darling, and tells that she is his wife’s sister and he fondly calls her darling.

Vinod asks why did you meet her there and looking tensed. Taneja tells that he met here to resolve the issue between his wife and sister in law and was looking tensed as he was having icecream and his wife would have gotten angry as he has diabetes. Vinod thinks he misunderstood Taneja and that he shall tell truth to Sonu. He goes to Sonu and asks why she is tensed. Sonu makes excuse and goes. Vinod rubs his locket and hears Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu tells that she told Taneja’s secret to Kanno, and Kanno told to Anju and she told to Dadi and asks mata ji to help her. Vinod is shocked and takes Sonu to room. He asks her how did she break the promise which she gave her. Sonu tells that she didn’t break the promise and have written on the paper. He tells that if Dadi tells anything to Taneja then he will be jobless.

Dadi sees Taneja with a girl and slaps him hard. She asks him if he is not ashamed to romance a girl half his age. Taneja is shocked. Dadi tells that Vinod saw him in the icecream shop with his own eyes. Taneja scolds Vinod for ruining his respect without knowing the truth. He fires Vinod from his job. Sonu, Kanno and Anju tell Dadi that Taneja is innocent.

Taneja tells Vinod that he will make sure that he won’t get job anywhere. Apsara comes and asks Vinod to suffer for not agreeing to her saying. Vinod thinks about something and gets an idea. He whispers something in Apsara’s ears. Taneja tells that he will not be trapped in his act. Vinod says you have just said that you are having an affair. Taneja says your dadi said this and have slapped me.

Vinod says my Dadi respects you a lot and asks why she will say this. Apsara makes a pot fly in air. Vinod tells him that he is hallucinating things as his diabetes must be high. Apsara then snores like tiger and elephant. Vinod tells that he didn’t hear anything. Taneja thinks he is really hallucinating. Apsara tinkles him. Taneja laughs. Vinod says it happens when you have high sugar level. Taneja is convinced. He comes out. Dadi tries to apologize to him. Taneja apologizes to her and tells that he is hallucinating. He asks Vinod to keep the secret. Vinod assures him. Taneja goes. Vinod asks them never to gossip again. They blame each other for the gossip. Vinod asks audience not to tell any gossip to their wives.


Har Mard Ka Dard 11th April 2017 Written Episode Update precap : Sonu tells Vinod that she found cigarette in his pocket. Vinod says he never smokes. Sonu decides to tell their family.

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