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Har Mard Ka Dard 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 10th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 10th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Sonu telling Vinod that moon seems to be romantic. Vinod tells poetry that his moon seems to be like….that real moon is getting scared of his moon. Sonu says poetry is romantic. Vinod asks her to support him and then I will be famous in the world. Sonu hugs him and her hairs are entangled in his locket. Sonu frees her hairs and takes out his locket, and keeps in his pocket. He hugs Sonu again. Sonu tells poetry which makes Vinod scared. Sonu asks him to say wah wah. Vinod says he likes it. Sonu asks him to play holi with her. Vinod says no. Sonu says you haven’t played with me and asks what happened with him on holi day. Vinod recalls his students smearing his face with colors and refuses to play holi. He says real holi was celebrated by Krishna God, and says we will watch holi on TV. Sonu thinks to color him and celebrate holi with him anyhow.

Papa ji makes thandai and asks Bunno to learn it. Bunno says you can handle your Thandai, but not neighbors. Papa ji says we will make two bottles, one with bhaang and other with no bhaang. Dadi asks how one will know and asks if it shall be tasted. Papa ji makes marks on the bottles and asks Bunno to fill the bottles. Vinod pastes paper outside the house and writes holi shall not be played here. He locks door and thinks to lock the windows as well.

Next morning, he wakes up hearing holi hai slogan. Dadi tells about neighbors. Papa ji tries to open the door and sees it locked. Dadi asks him to break the lock. Papa ji says he will open the door. They try to open the door, but fall down on one another. Sonu tells Kanno that they shall make Vinod play holi, and asks Kanno to help her. Kanno empties his cupboard. Sonu tells that she will blackmail Vinod to play holi with them. Papa ji comes to kitchen and takes out knife. Anju gets scared. Papa ji says she will see who will die first, lock or door. Kanno takes Vinod’s clothes to kitchen. Vinod pants falls down in which locket is there. Kanno leaves with other clothes. Dadi comes and picks the fallen pant and tells that door is locked. She asks Anju to wash the pant and tells that Pinky will do drama as the door is locked.

Sonu comes to kitchen and sees Vinod’s pant. She asks Bunno to hide the pant so that Vinod can never find it. Vinod comes out of washroom and sees Sonu hiding something. He asks what you are hiding in your left hand and asks her to give his clothes. Sonu refuses to give his clothes. Vinod checks his mani and thinks where it is? He searches for his pant. Sonu says yes, and tells that it is with Bunno in the kitchen. Vinod hides seeing pichkari in Sonu’s hands….He hides. Meanwhile his students come home and rings on the door. Papa ji tells that door is locked. Nikke comes and says I can help you. He asks them to give permanent color. They give.

Nikke asks Papa ji to give money. Papa ji gives. Vinod wears kurta and thinks where to search his mani. Apsara comes with board hanging on her neck with written lost and found dept. She tells that she heard that Vinod has lost his mani and says you are donkey. Vinod apologizes and says I am a human and not God. Apsara kicks him and says I have selected you among crore men, but you have lost it. Now you will get strict punishment. Vinod ask swhy you are making me scared. Apsara says you have seen my loving side, and now you will see my angry side. She says if you don’t get mani then you will never understand any women’s talk. He imagines not understanding Sonu. Apsara says I need money. Vinod says okay. Apsara goes.

Nikke climbs on the stairs to get inside the house….He comes to Vinod’s room and tells that all the girls are waiting for him, and the door is open now. Vinod says keys is with him and shows keys. Nikke runs with keys and throws to Papa ji. Vinod is shocked. All the girls run around Vinod. Nikke colors Kanno’s face. Kanno runs after him and colors his face. Nikke cleans his face with Vinod’s pant. Vinod asks Sonu to save him from girls. Sonu tells girls that she will apply color on his face first. Vinod sees his pant and asks Nikke to give it. Nikke threatens to throw his pant from balcony. Vinod threatens to beat him. Nikke throws it. Vinod sees pant hanging on the electrical wires and is shocked. He uses a stick and tries to get his locket. The locket falls in woman’s blouse. Vinod is shocked.


Har Mard Ka Dard 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Vinod sees a woman coming to their house. He smiles seeing locket. Sonu thinks he is smiling looking at her. Later Vinod dances with the woman to get his locket. Sonu is upset.

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