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Har Mard Ka Dard 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Apsara trying to free herself from the bottle. Mallika comes and promises to free her once she gets Vinod tonight. Apsara says Vinod can never be yours. Mallika says she has done good planning and will make Vinod stay in her house, and tells that kayamat will come. Apsara says you will not do such things. Papa ji reads the book about ghost and thinks to take Mallika’s pic to know if she is a ghost. Anju catches him while he tries to take Mallika’s pic and takes his phone. She then comes back and returns the powder. Papa ji asks her to give his phone. She tells that she has grinded phone in the mixer and if he don’t mend his ways then she will grind him next time. Mallika thinks of an idea and laughs heavily. Sonu asks Vinod to come and tells that something is happening in Mallika’s house. They see light blinking and hears thunderstorm.

Mallika screams for help. Bunno thinks to go like a hero, but gets scared hearing her screams. Sonu asks Vinod to go and check. Vinod says I will check and goes to her home. He calls her. Mallika hugs him and asks him to hide her. Vinod asks what happened? Mallika pretends to faint and fall on him. Vinod holds her and is taking him outside. Mallika thinks where he is taking her? Anju prays to God to save her son. Papa ji asks why did you send Vinod there. Dadi scolds him. Anju asks Kanno to ask him to keep quiet. Bunno and Kanno think to go out and see Vinod. They get afraid and hide their faces. Vinod brings Mallika out and tells that she fainted. Anju asks him to take her home. Papa ji refuses to let her come inside. Dadi asks him to be silent else he will become violent.

Mallika opens her eyes. Papa ji gets scared. They take her inside and sprinkle water. Sonu asks if you are fine Mallika ? Dadi asks why you were shouting? Bunno asks who is troubling you. Mallika says there is a ghost inside in the house. Sonu says that’s why that house was vacant. Vinod says it is a stupid talk. Mallika says there is a ghost in that house and says I will not go to that house again and hugs Dadi, thinks to take Vinod with her. Kanno says you shall not stay here. Sonu asks her to stay in her house. Mallika asks how? Anju also asks her to stay. Sonu says you are my friend and will stay with us. Vinod thinks what my family is doing? Mallika thinks to trap. Vinod thinks what she will do now. Mallika says you are gone now.

Next day, Vinod calls Sonu and asks her to give towel. Mallika knocks on the bathroom and teases him not to give towel. Vinod asks her not to tease him and pulls her inside thinking her to be Sonu. He apologizes to her. Mallika shyly comes out and laughs. Vinod gets worried if Sonu comes to know about this then. He looks for Sonu. Bunno brings sweets for Mallika and asks her to eat it, says he brought for her. She says thanks Bunno. He says Baljeet Raj Khanna. Papa ji is giving eye on her. Vinod thinks Mallika will tell Sonu about bathroom incident. Vinod comes and holds her hand asking her to search his clothes. Kanno says Baljeet Raj Khanna is wearing this. Vinod says there is one more thing to be talk. Mallika says maar hi dalo ge…Vinod thinks she will kill me really.


Har Mard Ka Dard 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod tells Mallika that if Sonu comes to know about his doing then she will kill him. Mallika says I won’t let you die so easily.

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