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Har Mard Ka Dard 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 11th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Bunno making Mallika having jalebi and says he brought it with love. She eats it. Kanno takes the jalebi. Vinod tells Sonu that he was thirsty and that’s why came to her. He gets romantic. Sonu kisses on his cheeks and goes. Vinod thinks he is saved. Mallika comes and says she would have end his thirst and asks why did she pull her inside the bathroom. Vinod asks for forgiveness. Mallika says I will not tell anything to Sonu and asks him to say I love you to her. Vinod goes to get ready. Mallika thinks if she falls in love with Vinod for real. Gulati and mishri laugh hearing his plight. Gulati says what would have happen if Sonu sees you with her. Vinod is worried and tells that Mallika is naughty. Mishra ji says he will take her home. Vinod calls him shameless for talking rubbish being married. He tells that Taneja scolded him today. Taneja comes and asks what you are saying? Vinod asks him not to get angry else his BP will increase. Taneja gives extra classes to them. Vinod offers to take extra class to go home late.

He comes home and thinks Sonu is sleeping. He touches her sensually without seeing her face. She covers blanket on them and says maar hi daloge.

Vinod is shocked and gets up, asks what she is doing here. She tells I am yours…Sonu comes. Mallika tells her that Vinod held her from back side and told I love you Sonu. Sonu is shocked. Vinod hears her thought and comes to know her anger on finding that Vinod couldn’t identify her. Mallika also thinks to leave. Vinod tells Mallika that he has decided to catch that ghost. Everyone is shocked. Kanno says he told that he twists ghost’s ear and tells that he will catch ghost. Mallika thinks tonight Vinod will be in my house and I will make him mine.

Sonu asks Mallika not to go if she wants. Mallika says if he tells that he can shooed the ghost and asks when it comes. She says 12 am. He tells that he will reach before time. Anju, Dadi and Sonu pray for Vinod. Pinky Papa ji makes him wear taweez and tells that she is a ghost herself. Bunno asks her not to tell her ghost as she is going to be bahu of the house, says someone else bahu. Vinod says that ghost need to worry now. Mallika tells Apsara that Vinod’s tapasya will be bhang tonight. Apsara says your dream will never be fulfilled. Vinod comes calling her and goes inside. Mallika says you have come, and says that ghost is dangerous. She hugs him and asks him to hide her in his chest. They hear thunder storm voice.


Har Mard Ka Dard 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod pretends to fight with the ghosts and falls down. Mallika is shocked.

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