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Har Mard Ka Dard 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 13th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod seeing heroine wearing the same saree which he brought for Sonu’s friend. He checks the saree. Heroine asks him to leave her saree. Director says cut. Hero tells the dialogues. Vinod holds the saree. Director asks him to beat hero and not be with heroine. Vinod says this is my wife’s saree which I want. Director says you will get it and asks him to give take. Vinod and others give the shot. Hero falls down as they act to beat him. Heroine tears the saree and ties on his head. Vinod gets angry and asks who asked you to tear Saree. Heroine says Director told me.

Vinod asks for the saree, but he is kicked out from there. Vinod comes to the shop and comes to know that Taneja also bought similar saree. Vinod comes to Taneja’s house with Mishra ji. Taneja tells them that his wife is happy with him as he gave her nice saree. His wife comes. Vinod is shocked. Mrs. Taneja tells that he gave me Kareena saree after 2 years. Vinod thinks what to do. He thinks he can’t snatch Taneja’s happiness. He gets Sonu’s call and she tells him that she has invited Priya and her husband and asks him to bring saree.

Vinod thinks what to do now. Mallika comes and asks what happened? Vinod tells her that he couldn’t bring that saree and says Sonu will be hurt. Mallika says Sonu’s nose is cut because of you and says she told that her friend is coming for dinner. She asks what will happen tomorrow and asks what you will do. Vinod asks from where to get 3rd saree. Mallika asks if he loves Sonu and can do anything for her happiness. She gives him idea to steal saree from Taneja’s house. Vinod refuses. Mallika emotionally blackmails him. Vinod agrees. Mallika smiles.

She comes to Apsara and laughs. Apsara says you are making Vinod walk on a wrong path. Mallika says Sonu and Vinod’s relation will break. Vinod comes to Taneja’s house. Dog barks seeing him. Vinod puts dog’s food and goes to Taneja’s room. Taneja and his wife are sleeping. Vinod gets the keys and steals the saree. Taneja comes and stands infront of him. Vinod says I can explain. Taneja asks him to tell in hindi. Vinod says it was about Sonu’s respect. He understands Taneja is walking in sleep. His phone rings. Vinod runs. Taneja comes out of sleep and shouts thief. Vinod comes home and gives saree to Sonu. Sonu thanks him and says you are the best husband. Vinod thinks he has stolen something for the first time and that too was for Snu’s happiness.


Har Mard Ka Dard 14th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Taneja’s wife tells him that her Kareena saree is missing. Sonu gives Kareena saree to Priya. Mallika asks her to wear it. Priya goes inside to wear. Taneja comes there. Vinod is shocked.