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Har Mard Ka Dard 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 13th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 13th March 2017 video watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Vinod’s mani falling in woman’s blouse. Sonu tells the girls that she will apply color on Vinod first and then they can apply. Vinod warns everyone and tells that his life will become white and black due to her. Girls think he is angry and leave. Sonu asks Vinod why he got angry. She just wanted him to play holi. Vinod says he is not interested to play holi, diwali etc. Jyoti comes. Vinod looks at her smilingly. Jyoti says hi. Sonu says let’s play holi. Jyoti asks if Vinod is not playing with her. Sonu asks Vinod why he is staring Jyoti. Vinod turns his face. Jyoti says all men become statue seeing her. Sonu says her husband is not like her and sees Vinod staring Jyoti. Jyoti says all men become naughty seeing her. Vinod thinks to go closer to her to get the mani.

He says you said this right and says holi festival brings people closer and says I can’t stay without colors. He says we shall celebrate holi and apply color on each other. She applies color on his face and says happy holi. He then applies color on his face. She asks him to play holi with her. Vinod touches the colors and is about to hold the mani, but Sonu scares Vinod with her eyes. Jyoti talks to Sonu. Vinod tries to take the locket. Jyoti says her husband gave her love bite today. Vinod sees mani. Sonu asks Jyoti to go. Vinod holds her hand and stops her. Jyoti stops. Vinod asks her to play holi with him, else his power will go. Sonu asks Vinod from where did he get power? Vinod says he got power to play holi and says even she wanted this. He asks Sonu if she is not coming. Sonu says even I will come, and says first let me have holi with you. She throws color plate on him and says lets go now to play holi. Everyone is playing holi in the garden area.

Vinod dances with Jyoti and tries to get his locket. Sonu looks on angry and asks Vinod, can’t he see her. Papa ji comes and takes Jyoti with her. Sonu asks Vinod what happened to him? Vinod asks her not to doubt him. Kanno asks Papa ji to dance with him. Anju drinks the thandai and dislikes it. She asks Bunno to bring the thandai which they have made at home. Bunno brings it and sees the mark gone. He thinks let her drink whatever she wants to drink. Anju drinks the thandai with bhaang and likes it. She sees Sonu upset and asks her to drink thandai. Sonu refuses. Anju says this thandai is best of best made by Bunno’s papa. She makes her drink. Sonu says it is good, but Vinod is not good. She makes her drink more. Vinod thinks where is Jyoti.

Apsara comes and throws water on Vinod with pipe. Vinod says I am searching mani. Apsara says you have scattered raita and tells that his wife will taunt him now. Anju laughs. Sonu tells Anju that Vinod is useless and haven’t given her kiss or hug and running after Jyoti. Anju says you have become fat and laughs. Sonu cries and says Jyoti is fat. Vinod tells Apsara that Jyoti is not Sonu’s enemy, but friend. Whenever they meet, they hug each other. Apsara says I gave mani to you so that you can understand woman. Vinod says it is difficult to understand woman. Apsara asks him to bring mani.

Vinod sees Jyoti talking to ladies and thinks to fall on her intentionally. He runs to fall on her, but Jyoti moves from there, and he falls on other ladies, gets slapped on his face. He searches for Jyoti and collides with Sonu. Sonu asks him to give her a kiss. Vinod tells her everyone is around, and asks her to sit till he comes back. Sonu asks if you are flirting with Jyoti. Vinod thinks to flirt with her to get the mani. He asks Sonu to close her eyes till he brings surprise for her. Sonu asks him to kiss her. He is about to kiss her, but sees Jyoti. He thinks to make Jyoti dance so much that mani comes out of her blouse.


Har Mard Ka Dard 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod dances with Jyoti and tries to get the mani. Sonu comes there and is shocked.

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