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Har Mard Ka Dard 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 14th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 14th March 2017 Video Watch Online HD on

The Episode starts with Anju coming to Pinky Papa ji and tells everyone that this man has stolen her heart, and tells that although he boasts about his moustaches, but is scared of lizard. Pinky asks her to keep quiet. Dadi says she is silent since his marriage and have a good understanding. Vinod dances with Jyoti. Sonu is upset and drags Vinod to side. She asks why did you leave me and dancing with Jyoti. She drinks more thandai. Vinod asks her not to drink much. Sonu says you haven’t kissed me. Vinod says okay and says I will kiss you. Jyoti comes and asks Vinod to come and dance. They dance on the song Ang Se Ang Lagana….Sonu is upset and drinks more bhaang thandai. Sonu also comes and dances. Vinod waits for locket to fall down from Jyoti’s blouse. Sonu makes Jyoti falls and locket comes out of his blouse.

Vinod smiles to see the mani. He tries to get it, but people dancing keep their foot on his hand. One of them kicks the mani and it flies in air and falls in man’s thandai. The man drinks thandai. Vinod thinks he swallowed his mani and looks shocked. The man throws glass. Vinod sees mani in air and jumps to catch it. He catches mani and gets relieved. Jyoti leaves from the party. Vinod thinks to hear Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu thinks she will not leave Vinod and will never kiss him. He comes to her and asks her to color his face. She refuses. Vinod asks Bunno to play romantic song. They dance on the song Soni ankhiyon wali……Everyone dance. Sonu smiles. Anju makes Sonu drink thandai bhaang. Sonu hugs Vinod. He brings her home on his back. Sonu asks Vinod about kiss. Vinod asks her to sit and says he will bring.

Anju comes and asks why house is messed up. Pinky asks Bunno to massage his back. Kanno says she is going to study. Dadi says she is tired. Anju looks at Sonu and asks her to help her. Sonu says she is getting itching feeling with colors. Anju says you are very kamchor and says don’t you feel like working with me. Sonu says when you are in the kitchen, why shall I work. Anju says I don’t want such useless people and asks her to get out. Sonu asks her to give kiss. Anju kisses her. Vinod comes and checks their thoughts via locket. Anju thinks to kick her out. Sonu says she will leave once bhaang affect goes. Sonu asks what wrong did I do? Anju says nothing and takes her to kitchen. Sonu stops holding pillar. Anju takes Vinod and Sonu to kitchen.

Anju shows tea kettle and tells that she has ruined the things in the kitchen. Sonu cries. Vinod tells Anju that he will bring new tea kettle and new mixer. Sonu asks him to bring new bahu for her and says she is leaving. She asks Vinod to tell her that he is also going with her. Anju says house is mine and son is also mine. Sonu says house is not mine, but husband is mine. Pinky comes and says everything is yours, and not of Anju. She has ruined my image. Anju says he looks like Bhalu and says if I hadn’t married him, then he would have die as a bachelor. Bunno asks what you are saying? Anju slaps him. Pinky also slaps him.

Anju runs after Pinky to beat him holding broom. Pinky and Bunno hides. Sonu asks Vinod for a kiss and falls down. He runs. Sonu runs after Vinod. Pinky tells Bunno that his mum is heavy build. Anju sees Sonu and says you are still here, and asks her to get out. Sonu calls Vinod and says we will pack our stuff and leave. Bunno tells Pinky that they shall escape. Pinky says we shall drink bhaang. Sonu asks Vinod to ask Anju to give her hug and apologize. Anju says I will forgive her if she apologize to me. Sonu asks Vinod, you are on whose side. Anju asks Vinod to decide. Vinod says mummy ji. Anju says he is on my side. Sonu cries and asks if you are on her side. Vinod says no. They drag him towards each other. Sonu asks don’t you love me. Vinod says yes. Sonu says I am leaving. Anju says you have proved that you are my son and goes to thank God. Vinod sits shockingly.


Har Mard Ka Dard 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod tells that his mum used to work all day and his wife used to ask for love. He says they have made him mad.

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