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Har Mard Ka Dard 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 15th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 15th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Vinod getting upset with his mum and wife’s fight. Apsara comes there and asks him to make a nuclear blast. She says you have to do a big blast. Vinod asks what to do, shall I burn myself. Apsara goes. Vinod thinks she comes and gives him ideas without thought. Pinky and Bunno come there with bhaang bottle. Vinod drinks it and says now he will become pataka. Kanno asks Sonu not to take decision in a hurry and asks her not to leave. Sonu tells her that she has to leave as Vinod refused to give her a kiss. Kanno says I will give you. She kisses on her cheek. Sonu asks her to miss her bhabhi and asks Bunno to bring her rickshaw. She asks Anju to give last kiss. Anju gives it in air.

Vinod comes there and plays drums. He says if they think he is mad, but these women made him mad. He says he thought to rest all day, but these women made khichdi of holiday. He says my mummy treats me as a child and tells that he is not small as 5 years old. He tells my wife comes up with many ways to increase love and says love doesn’t increases by eating mind, but by loving other. He says you both are fighting because of me, so I am the trouble. He says I will hit drum on my head, there will be no trouble them if I am no more. He is about to hit drum on his head. Anju and Sonu asks him not to do it. Vinod asks them to apologize to each other and hug. They apologize and hug each other. Anju asks why we were fighting. Sonu says even I don’t remember. Vinod hugs them and says bura na mano aaj holi hai….

Jiggy comes and says just like I said, I will be back and says I haven’t learnt to lose. Anju makes Vinod eat food and says you have made us proud yesterday. Sonu says yes. Jiggy comes and asks Vinod what he has done. Vinod says you came again. Anju asks where was you? Jiggy says he celebrated holi in Ahmedabad. Sonu says holi is celebrated nicely there. Anju says we drank bhaang and created drama, but Vinod handled everything. Jiggy says may be blind attack. Monty asks him to challenge Vinod. Jiggy says whenever someone challenges him, he has to taste defeat. Vinod says he is not interested in challenges. Sonu tells Gujrati poem.

Vinod takes out his locket and hears Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu thinks why don’t Vinod accept Jiggy’s challenge and close his mouth, thinks Vinod will make Jiggy defeat in any competition. Vinod smiles and accepts the challenge. Jiggy says we shall keep mushayyra competition. Sonu asks why did you do and tells Jiggy is good at singing mushayyra. Vinod says you asked me to accept. Sonu says no. Monty asks Jiggy not to take Vinod lightly. Jiggy says whoever is in my team will get 2-3 days Kashmir package.

Kanno goes to Jiggy and says I am in your team. Vinod says you have changed the team. Anju also goes to Jiggu’s team. Jiggy asks Bunno to come to his team. Bunno says I will inform you later. Jiggy says we will meet in the evening. Vinod says I have a condition also, if you lose then you will go to Kashmir alone. Vinod reads mushayyra poetry. Monty says you can do it. Pinky says you will cut my nose. Vinod asks from where did you get salt to sprinkle on my wounds. Pinky asks Vinod to take his help. He tells that he will not waste time and tells that Jiggy will make him CEO of his diamond business. Vinod says even you…..Pinky shows his tshirt with written ‘team jiggy’. Vinod is shocked.

Bunno makes song to cheer Jiggy. Vinod is upset. Dadi comes and praises Vinod. She says she will support him. Vinod thanks her and says I am sure Sonu will also support me. He asks Sonu who will win the mushaiyyra. Sonu says you are my winner. Vinod says true? Sonu says yes and tells gujrati poem. Vinod asks you wants your best friend or your husband to win. Sonu says of course you and says she wants to see him as a winner. Vinod takes out his locket. Sonu thinks Vinod will lose and she will go to Kashmir. Vinod thinks Sonu doesn’t trust me.


Har Mard Ka Dard 16th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap: Sonu asks Vinod to apologize to Jiggy and says he will forgive you. Monty tells Jiggy will take Sonu to Kashmir. Vinod says he will win the competition and challenges Jiggy. Vinod sings in the mushaiyyra competition.

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