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Har Mard Ka Dard 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 16th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 16th February 2017 video Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Vinod telling apsara that if she is saying truth then he will become most happiest man in this world. Apsara says now you will understand your wife with whom you are very much troubled. Apsara says I will teach you..and gets closer to him. Vinod says if my wife comes to know about this mani..Apsara says who will tell her. Vinod says I will tell her, there is no secret between us. Apsara is holding cell phone and says she has to attend important call of her ex boyfriend. She says bye. Vinod wakes up in the temple. Pandit ji applauds for his bhakti. Vinod says if I have spent night here and worries thinking Sonu must be worried about him. He starts walking out of temple and finds mani locket on his neck. He thinks if his meeting with apsara really happened? He rubs locket and start hearing women’s thoughts walking on the road. He is shaken with the sudden change and this if he is hallucinating.

A neighbor comes to Vinod and asks where was he all night? He takes him home. Anju and Sonu worry for Vinod. Anju tells her husband that she will die if Vinod don’t return. Dadi asks if he is kidnapped. Monty says we shall keep poster on the walls. Anju asks him to put his before marriage pic. Sonu says no, and says I have upgraded him after marriage. All women in the house ask Monty and their father to get Vinod pic poster. Vinod comes and says I am here. Papa asks him to search Vinod. Vinod says I am Vinod Khanna. Anju and Sonu say you have come and ask what he had? Vinod says I will tell and tells that when he went to temple, temple bell hit on his head and he had woken up in apsara world. He says that apsara was not letting me go and says it was truth and not dream. Dadi asks him to tell what happened, and says dreaming is not bad. Sonu says he is drunk and moving.

Vinod says I will tell and shows the mani locket given to him by Apsara. Sonu says why did you bring girl’s locket here. Anju asks if she is Punjabi. Papa ji asks if he met Apsara on chat shop or on internet. They don’t believe Vinod. Sonu goes inside crying. Vinod follows her. Sonu throws her things from her cupboard and tells Gujrati poetry. Vinod thinks what is going on in her mind. He recalls Apsara’s words and holds the locket. Sonu says there is so much dust in this house and no person can stay here peacefully. Vinod holds locket. He hears Sonu thinking if he really has an affair with someone.

Vinod thinks this mani is lottra..and not lottery. Sonu thinks I love him, then why he is roaming around other girls. Vinod thinks he loves me so much….He says you are my apsara. Sonu thinks he looks cute like a parrot. Real apsara comes and says you…you would have told me before coming. He asks Apsara to move from his bed. Sonu thinks he is asking her to go, and gets angry. Apsara tells Vinod that only he can see her, and asks him to keep her a secret. She tinkles him. Sonu brings everyone there. They see Vinod laughing. Dadi says may be that bell left a bad affect on his mind.

Dadi gives tea and aloo bhujiya for Vinod. Kanno asks him to see his favorite forest cake. Dadi gives him milk. Vinod looks on….Sonu asks him to take something. Dadi says he is unwell. Monty says his head might be strong. Vinod asks why you all are behaving as if “handle with care” written on my forehead. Papa ji takes them all out and tells that Doctor Jhatka can make him fine. Doctor Jhatka comes to check Vinod and asks him to relax. They tie Vinod to chair. Doctor says you are also mad to have seen apsara with open eyes. Vinod says how can you call me mad? Doctor says we have to give him shock. Vinod thinks if my mum thinks me mad? He rubs the locket and hears his mum’s thought. She thinks what will be mental house menu. Kanno thinks she have to take bhabhi for shopping. Dadi thinks her husband had never gone mad when she took his class. Sonu thinks it is good that he has gone mad, and is not having affair. She thinks to give him verbal shock and will make his memory back. Papa ji asks Vinod to come and says we will make you have icecream. Vinod asks have you all gone mad? They take Vinod out of house. Doctor Jhatka asks wardboy to bring sketcher.

Apsara comes and says whoever don’t believe my teaching, that person will repent. Vinod gets an idea and says april fool. Sonu asks if he is fine. Vinod says I remember everything. He sings jingle bell…Sonu says apsara might be from patna. Vinod says I was joking. Doctor says he is fine now. Anju asks him about mani. Vinod says samosa man gave me this….as he was not having change. Doctor says you all are mad, and asks them to come to clinic and get electric shocks. They all get inside house leaving Vinod out tied on chair.

Dadi tells that Vinod seems to be fine…. Papa ji says I will check and tells Vinod that apsara is standing there. Apsara appears infront of him and asks why he is blushing seeing her. Vinod tells Papa ji that there is no Apsara there and asks him to get himself treated.

Dadi asks Vinod to sit. Sonu praises him for his acting. Vinod thinks they thought me mad and now what happened to them. He rubs the mani. Anju thinks he has gone half mad after staying with Sonu. Sonu thinks he has scared me so much, I want to slap him. Vinod holds his cheeks. Apsara says did you understand now that there is a difference between women’s words and their thoughts, and it is impossible to understand women. She says I came to make you understand. Vinod feels weakness and thinks if it is because of mani


Har Mard Ka Dard 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod tries to talk to Sonu. Apsara says you are seeing him live and says his family have attacked him. She says what will Vinod do now? If he will bring TV back or if his wife will taunt him always for TV.

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