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Har Mard Ka Dard 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 16th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sonu calling Dog to sleep on her bed. Vinod asks her to leave her attraction and says how can it sleep with us. Sonu asks him to sleep with her and says I will sleep with dog. She says we shall give love to dog. Vinod says he will sleep on floor. Dog barks in the night. Vinod scolds Dog. Sonu says Double roti is not getting sleep and asks why he is scolding. She tells that she will sing lori for Double roti and takes him in lap. She sings Sheela ki jawani. Vinod gets irritated and goes out of room to sleep. Mallika sees Vinod going out of room and tells Apsara that she will prove Vinod as imperfect husband before going to Devlok else her powers will be snatched. Vinod calls Sonu and asks her where was she? Sonu says she is giving bath to Double roti. Vinod asks her to give his file. Sonu searches for the file. Mallika comes there and does magic on dog making him bark continuously. Sonu comes to him and tells Dadi that she fed dog and will bring biscuits, don’t know why is it barking. Papa ji tells Bunno that Dog have identified bhootni/Mallika. Bunno asks if she knows that you call her bhootni and informs Mallika. Papa ji asks him to play chess. Vinod comes to hall and see Sonu feeding dog and gets angry. Sonu tells that she needs to feed dog and this thing is more important than searching file.

Mallika asks Sonu to feed dog and says she will search his file. Vinod says he don’t have time and asks Sonu to give tiffin. Sonu says just 10mins, and says vegetable is on stove. Vinod asks what you were doing since morning. Sonu says she took dog for a walk. Vinod gets angry and calls her ignorant towards him. He leaves house without taking tiffin. Mallika thinks once she separates Vinod and Sonu, she can go to Devlok peacefully.

Vinod tells Mishra j and Gulati that Sonu ignored him and taking care of Dog, and says he didn’t get tiffin also and today he is very hungry. Mallika comes there and gives him tiffin. She tells him that Sonu should have done this and shall not forget her dog/husband. She instigates him against Sonu and goes. Sonu keeps biscuits for Double roti. Papa ji comes and takes all biscuits thinking it as normal ones. Dog sees Papa ji taking his biscuits and runs after Papa ji. Papa ji runs around in the house. Everyone laugh seeing Papa ji running. Sonu tells that Double roti is teasing Papa ji. Mallika takes dog and does magic on it. It bites Papa ji on his back.

Everyone is shocked. Bunno takes him to hospital. Mallika calls Vinod and informs him. Vinod comes back home. Mallika informs him that dog have bitten Papa ji and he will get 14 injections now. Vinod is shocked. He returns tiffin to Mallika and thanks her for the food. Mallika asks him not to tell Sonu that she brought his tiffin. Just then he sees Bunno bringing Papa ji and tries to help him get down from the auto. Papa ji says he will get down and writhes in pain. Vinod tells Sonu that Dog have bitten Papa ji today and later will bite Anju and Dadi. He says you have forgotten your duties for the dog. Sonu says Dog is right, and tells Papa ji did mistake to have eaten its biscuits. Anju says he has eaten its biscuits and that’s why dog bite him. Vinod asks her to tie Dog and feed it. Sonu tells Vinod that he is behaving inhuman even though he is human. Vinod says you called me inhuman. Sonu says yes.

Mrs. Taneja’s call Sonu and asks how is her baby? Sonu makes Dog talk to her. She says who has eaten your biscuits and scolds Papa ji for having Dog’s biscuits. Taneja takes the call and tells that Dog don’t food with anyone. Vinod says they are taking good care of Dog and ends the call. Sonu says you would have said truth to Taneja.


Har Mard Ka Dard 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod asks Sonu to decide if she wants him to stay in room or not. He says he will not stay if she choose to stay with Dog. Sonu is shocked. Mallika smiles hearing him.