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Har Mard Ka Dard 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 17th February 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Dadi cleaning the dal and asks Pinky (Papa ji) to see who has come. He asks his son Monty to go and check. Monty asks Sonu to check who came? Sonu asks Vinod to check who is on the door. Vinod says if everyone was so busy then would have told me first. He opens the door and finds courier guy coming and telling that Mrs and Mr. Tanna have sent TV for Sonu. Vinod calls Sonu and see all his family members standing behind him. They get happy seeing big TV. Dadi says Ranbir Kapoor and Ranveer singh will look macho. Monty sings the song. Papa ji says it will be used by all. Courier guy asks where to keep it. Just then Mrs and Mr. Tanna come on the video call. Sonu says hi….They say that TV is costly and they took on discount for Rs 55000. They ask if Vinod heard them. Vinod says no, and goes. Everyone argue and tell that they want to watch TV and it should be kept in hall. Mrs. Tanna tells Sonu that it is specially for her and she shall watch film with Vinod. Sonu gets happy. She turns to Vinod and says we shall keep it in our room. Vinod says then where we will stay? He says we shall keep it in hall itself. Everyone get happy and plan to sell the old TV. Papa ji says we will sell it along with your mum.

Vinod says we will not sell old TV, but keep it in our room. Sonu gets angry and says she don’t want TV in room. Anju says she is very understanding and says she shall learn cooking. Sonu gives an angry look and goes. Vinod comes to room and sees Sonu saying Gujrati poem. She reads newspaper and takes out anger on the reporters. Vinod rubs the mani and hears Sonu’s thoughts. She says TV was my gift and he gave TV in donation to his family. Vinod tells Sonu, I will tell everyone and goes. Sonu asks what is the matter. Everyone is watching TV in hall. Vinod comes there and takes remote from Papa ji’s hands. He says I was thinking….Dada ji asks what? Anju says Anand’s memory is about to come. Vinod asks who? Dadi says she is talking about serial and says she will watch on hotstar later. Vinod gives example and says this TV is Sonu’s gift and we shall not keep it. It will be kept in Sonu’s room. Everyone laughs on Vinod. Vinod says I am serious. Everyone get sad. Anju acts like a typical mom and says you are calculating new and old. Kanno says tell us final. Monty says you people are not focused. Papa ji gets up and says you was small when you used to watch Tv at neighbors’s house, and they used to make you hairs as that of moghli and that’s why we bought TV for you. Dadi emotionally blackmails him.

Vinod says Sonu wants her TV back. Sonu comes and asks when did I say that? She says TV shall be seen by everyone, then only all of us enjoy. Anju tells that Vinod wasted their time. Kanno says he is igniting fire between you and Bhabhi. Sonu switches on TV and rests her head on her shoulder. Anju gives her knife and takes remote. Sonu makes excuses and goes to her room. She gets angry on Vinod and asks when did I say that I need Tv. Apsara comes there and says you are seeing Vinod live….Vinod says what is this woman and cries. Apsara says what will happen to Vinod, if he will bring TV back in his room or if his wife will taunt him all his life. Vinod asks what wrong did I do? Apsara says your problem is simple, that Sonu needs TV, but solution is difficult. He says when you give a rose to a girl then she will not like, but if you tell her that you have brought it from a shop which is very far away from city then she will say what a rose and thought, and asks if he understood. Vinod gets an idea and smiles. He calls Tony and asks him to telecast only Tamil channels on TV. He says okay. Everyone is watching TV one by one. Anju says your papa ji’s 10 mins is over, now I want to watch my serial. They argue. Suddenly they see Tamil channel. Everyone gets worried and thinks what happened to smart TV. Papa ji says if samdhi ji bought it on sale. Vinod says Sonu will feel bad if she comes to know about this. Dadi says Sonu will get sad now. Vinod says she got happy with old Tv also. Anju says we will manage with this TV. Vinod says I will shift this TV to my room silently and tell Sonu that it is defective. He says this is best, no change. He then goes to Sonu.

Sonu tells that Vinod can make circus monkey cry also, and have a bad talent. Vinod comes to Sonu and says we have to do big sacrifice for Mummy ji and Papa ji and says that new TV bright light is affecting their eyes, so dim light small Tv is best for them, old TV for old people. Sonu is happy, but says okay. Vinod says if you are ready then I will bring that TV in our room, and says we shall sacrifice this much for our parents. He rubs locket and hears Sonu’s thought. Sonu thinks he also thinks about his parents happiness and not about me. She thinks atleast big Tv is coming to my room. Vinod asks if she is okay. Sonu says atleast we can do this for Papa ji and mummy ji, they have no insurance too. Monty and Vinod bring TV to room. Sonu asks him to hug her infront of TV. Vinod says he is sweating as he brought TV upstairs and says he will change his clothes and come. Sonu asks him to go. Vinod goes inside and is dances happily.

He comes back to room again without changing clothes and asks Sonu, where is she? Sonu is watching old TV with everyone in the hall. Vinod is surprised and asks Sonu why she is sitting here. Sonu says it is fun to watch together. Anju and Kanno praise her. Monty says bhabhi is here, so I will go and watch TV in her room. Vinod thinks he can’t understand women. Anju tells Sonu that new things are waste, and says we eat food in copper utensils and says it is healthy. Dadi says yes. Anju then says that Mrs and Mr. Tanna have sent glass utensils, but I send them back. Sonu gets angry. Vinod takes her to side. Sonu says how can they return same crockery item without my knowledge and says I need it. Vinod says I love you. Sonu asks him to bring Champak Brand crockery. Vinod says again a new panga, and smiles.


Har Mard Ka Dard 17th February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod tells his mum that he has kept all copper utensils in the bag. Sonu says when you behaves responsible then you looks deadly cute. Anju says my son is a pure gold. Papa ji thinks both wife and mum are sweet with him, and thinks something is wrong. Sonu calls Vinod and asks him to bring Crockery. Anju calls him and asks to bring back old copper utensils. Vinod is shocked.

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