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Har Mard Ka Dard 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 17th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 17th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In todays episode of Har Mard Ka Dard you will watch Jiggy sings praising Sonu. Vinod also sings praising her. Later Vinod asks Sonu to judge the competition. Stay tune for more Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Judge announcing Jiggy is first round winner. Monty says he is a cheater cock and says he has cheated for sure. Jiggy thinks to do something before his cheating is caught. He asks Bunno to make Vinod have multivitamin tablet churan and says that he can’t see him losing. Bunno says your heart is big and reminds him about Los Angeles project. Bunno brings sherbet and asks Vinod to drink. Monty drinks it instead and says it is nice. He coughs. Vinod asks Bunno about the sherbet and says you brought it for me naa. Jiggy asks Bunno, how could he do this with other singer. Bunno says you said that…..Jiggy says you have hurt your mum and asks him to make his passport ready. Vinod tells him that this is India and this Bunno is his younger brother and not his firangi brother.

He asks him to talk with respect. Bunno gets touched by Vinod’s words and says you are my real brother and asks him to scold him. Vinod says I will scold you inside and not infront of everyone. They hug.

Judge announces next round and says Jiggy will do shayeri first. Jiggy dedicates Shayeri to Anju and sings song for her. Anju smiles. Bunno asks if he is praising mummy or insulting. Vinod says insult. Jiggy says next Shayeri is for Kanno. He sings song for her. Pinky kicks him. Bunno says he is talking nonsense about Kanno. Vinod says he will take revenge with shayeri. He sings praising his mum and sister. He asks Jiggy not to think them fools as they are going him love. Anju and Kanno change their team and comes to Vinod’s team. Sonu praises Vinod’s shayeri. Judge says this round’s winner is hot and handsome Jiggy. Jiggy laughs.

Vinod says he has done match fixing. She changes track and tells Vinod is the winner seeing audience reaction. Jiggy says I am giving you money. She says she will make him winner in last round. Apsara comes and shows envelope to Vinod. She keeps it in Ila’s purse. Ila tells next topic is muskurahat. Jiggy sings for sonu. Vinod also sings for Sonu and praises her. Sonu smiles. Ila asks them to sing and says last topic is pyaar. Jiggy sings about love and gets loss of words. Vinod sings what is love… and says love is a beautiful thing. Everyone claps for Vinod. Bunno says result time is up. Ila says our winner is Jiggy. Jiggy laughs.

Papa ji says this is cheating. Vinod says we are not taking about game cheating, but notes cheating. She says fake notes were given to you. Ila checks the envelope and calls cheater to Jiggy. Jiggy says I have kept real notes and says someone plotted against me. He says he is the winner and shall respect judge’s winner. Vinod says you are disqualified. Jiggy says there will be no competition now. Vinod says Sonu will judge the competition and says her decision will be fair.

Jiggy asks Sonu to tell whose shayeri was best. Sonu says jiggy’s shayeri was funny, but Vinod passed the poetry quality test. She says my hubby is the best and hugs him. Jiggy says you forgot your childhood friend for your husband. Sonu says Vinod’s shayeri was best and he didn’t tease or insult anybody. She says your shayeri was funny, but Vinod’s shayeri was heart touching. She says you will be my best friend, but Vinod….I love you. She says nobody will be important to her. She loves him. Dadi takes award from Jiggy’s hands and says gives money asking him not to return. Jiggy says I will miss you Sonu and specially Vinod. Vinod shakes his hand with Jiggy. He presses his hand. Vinod also presses his hand. Jiggy says I will be back. Vinod asks him to leave and says we need to celebrate.


Har Mard Ka Dard 18th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Jyoti tells that her hubby gets promotion frequently and that his boss greets him good morning daily. Bunno tells that Vinod is getting Vice president post. Sonu tells this to Jyoti. Vinod tells them that he has refused the post. Everyone is shocked.

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