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Har Mard Ka Dard 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Mallika telling Mohan that his family is also good to have chosen nice home for them and says we will stay here after marriage. She tries to get closer to him. He says our sangam will happen after marriage. He asks her if she wants to have apple and tries to cut it. He then cuts his finger intentionally. Mallika says she will bring the medicine box and brings it. Vinod thinks his doubt was right, Mallika is feigning to have memory loss. Vinod tells Mishra ji and Gulati about Mallika. Mishra ji says I can’t help you as I have soft corner for her and can make your plan fail. Gulati says I am with you. Vinod tells Mallika that he wants to play cricket. Mallika asks her to play with her hairs etc. Vinod says we will play indoor cricket and says it would be fun. He throws the ball while she bats. He throws the ball and she hits it. The ball huts Gulati and he make a freeze face acting as if he is dead. Mallika says I want to play. Vinod says he is dead. Door bell rings.

Vinod tells her that police came and they have to hide him. They hide Gulati. Kanno and Bunno comes there indisguise of Inspector and Constable. She says she heard the voice coming from here. Vinod says no. Kanno asks Bunno to check inside. Vinod tells them that there is nothing at that side. They go to that place and see Gulati. They check Gulati and says he is dead. Vinod says it was an accident. Kanno asks who was batting? Vinod says Radha. Kanno says this girl will be jailed and asks why did you kill this guy. Mallika shouts that she didn’t kill Gulati. Everyone claps. Vinod congratulates her and says your memory is back as you have identified Gulati. Gulati comes there and is happy. Bunno tells that your memory returned because of our plan. Anju tells that Mallika got her memory back due to Vinod. Mallika thinks there is no use to lie and tells that what she remembers is that she was hit by his scooter. Sonu says no worries. Vinod says I will end your problems..

Mishra ji brings oil and asks him to apply on his hand. Vinod says he will apply tomorrow. Mallika gets thinking. Apsara is still captive in bottle. Mallika plans to change oil with sticky gum and says when Vinod shakes hand with me then his hand will stuck with mine and laughs. Apsara says no.. Mallika says it will be fun now and laughs. Mallika brings pakodas and asks Sonu where is Vinod? She then asks her to taste it and see the oil bottle there. Sonu tastes it. Mallika coughs and asks water. While Sonu goes to bring water. Mallika changes the bottle and asks Sonu to make Vinod have it. Vinod tells Sonu that he is missing something and applies oil on his hand. Sonu forwards her hand to shake with him, but he goes. Mallika comes and asks him to come. She holds his hand. Vinod asks her to leave his hand and says what people will think. Mallika says you are very strict. Vinod asks her to leave her hand. Mallika asks if our hands are stuck with each other. Vinod is shocked.


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Har Mard Ka Dard 18th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Kanno tells that they will separate their hands. They pull each other, but couldn’t separate their hands. Taneja calls Vinod. Vinod says If I don’t reach college on time then he will kick me out of job.

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