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Har Mard Ka Dard 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 19th June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod calling Sonu seeing Dog messing up with his college books. Sonu asks what is Dog’s mistake and says you would have locked it in room. Vinod asks what you are saying? Sonu says it is so innocent. Vinod and Sonu argues. He says nobody will stay in this bedroom except you and me. Sonu says nobody will kick you from here. Mallika hears them. Sonu tells vinod that Dog is scared because of him. Vinod says either this dog or I will stay here. Mallika thinks now they will separate and I will be having peace. Anju asks Vinod to bring bread. Vinod tells Anju that everyone is giving more attention to that dog. Sonu asks him not to call Dog as Dog and asks him to call Dog as double roti. She says double roti felt bad. Vinod says I am leaving house. Papa ji asks why you wants to leave? Kanno asks what happened? Vinod says just because this dog is sleeping on my bed, and have taken my place in Sonu’s life.

Sonu tells Dadi that she was singing lori and made double roti slept. Dadi asks which lori. Sonu says which you used to sing, Sheela ki jawani. They sing. Vinod asks them to stop it and says he is leaving. Mallika comes. Dadi threatens to beat him. Papa ji asks him to go and sleep. Dadi says if you want double roti not to sleep in your room then it is ok, and says double roti will stay in hall. Sonu says mummy ji. Anju says I am your saas and you have to listen. Vinod asks Sonu to tie Dog in the lawn and then only he will go to his room. Anju asks Sonu to tie it. Sonu ties it and says god night. Mallika comes home and laughs. Apsara says she has understood when she laughs like this. Mallika says tomorrow it will be proved that Vinod is not a perfect man and says she has done her work. She says then she will return to devlok. If she fails then have to be here for 12 years without her powers. Sonu gets up and thinks how is her double roti. She goes to check it and sleeps there itself. Vinod also gets up, and thinks he has never seen such attraction before. He takes her to room. Mallika comes and steals the dog.

In the morning, Sonu comes and says good morning double roti. She finds it missing and tells everyone that double roti is missing. She blames everyone and gets worried. Anju says it might have went for walk. Dadi says it is Taneja’s safe keeping. Papa ji says where did it go? Bunno asks her to talk on its phone. Kanno says it haven’t taken phone. Sonu asks Vinod where is my double roti and blames him. Vinod says why I will made it go missing and says although he has problem with it, but didn’t do anything. Mallika tells Apsara that they are searching double roti, but it is here. She calls animal rights association and tells her name as Sonu Khanna. She tells that she is doubtful on her husband as he has done something wrong with the dog. She laughs. Apsara says you won’t be successful.

Kanno and Bunno returns home. Sonu says where is double roti. Kanno says we couldn’t find it. Sonu cries hugging Anju. Anju says double roti will be found soon. Animal rights activist come there with Police. Activist tells that we got info that double roti’s life is in danger because of you and asks Inspector to arrest Vinod. Vinod asks how can you arrest me. Sonu asks where is double roti? Inspector says I will make you have double roti in police station. They take Vinod and take him. Mallika asks Sonu not to worry and says she will get Vinod’s bail. Papa ji says he will come with Bunno.


Har Mard Ka Dard 20th June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Taneja and his wife come to take double roti back. Vinod asks them to sit and goes to search dog.

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