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Har Mard Ka Dard 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 19th May 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod waking up in the morning and finds himself sleeping with Mallika. She says good morning. Vinod shouts Sonu. Mallika tells shim that Sonu went to make tea and asks him to come as she wants to take bath. Vinod says we are glued and says you can’t talk bath. Mallika asks him to come to her house so that she can take her clothes. Sonu comes and tells that she will bring her clothes. Vinod asks how can she take bath and asks her to understand. Sonu asks him not to worry. Anju wakes up and sees Papa ji sleeping beside her. She thinks they used to sleep holding hands after marriage. She asks him to wake up. Papa ji asks let him sleep for sometime and reminds her that they used to sleep like this. Anju says she remembers and asks him to get up. Sonu comes to take Mallika’s clothes. She keeps the clothes on the table and the glass bottle in which Apsara is captive breaks. Apsara is freed, but finds her magical powers lost. She thinks she will go to Vinod anyhow.

Anju is sweeping the floor. Papa ji asks her to use other hand. Sonu comes there and says she went to mallika’s home to get the clothes, as she wants to have bath. Kanno asks how is this possible? Papa ji tells that even he wants to have bath and see how Sonu is managing. Mallika tortures Vinod while bathing. Vinod is standing outside the bathroom. Mallika thanks him for his help. Apsara is in tiny form and comes to Vinod’s home with difficulty. Vinod think he is in trouble and thinks Apsara would have been here. Mallika asks what is he thinking? Apsara comes and hears him saying about her. Apsara says I am here Vinod. Mallika thinks Vinod is missing that Apsara whom I have locked in the bottle. They go to have breakfast.

Apsara thinks to hide in the room. Kanno tells that she has to go to college and applies same glue. Dadi comes and holds her hand. Their hands get stuck. Vinod asks did you apply something now on to your hands. Kannu thinks and tells that she has applied that oil. Vinod asks Bunno to bring it. Bunno brings it. Papa ji tells that he has applied the same oil. Sonu tells Vinod even you had applied the same. He is about to call Mishra ji. Mishra ji comes there. Vinod tells him about the glue in his oil. Mishra ji says they have been using the same oil, and asks him to check. Vinod holds his hand, but it don’t get stick. Vinod thinks this might be Mallika’s plan. He tries to find out and asks Mallika to come with him to washroom. He messages Sonu to apply the oil and gets her hand glued to him. Sonu reads his message and smiles.


Har Mard Ka Dard 22th May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonu comes and holds Vinod’s hand. Vinod says now it is confirmed that problem is in oil. Mallika gets tensed.

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