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Har Mard Ka Dard 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update

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Har Mard Ka Dard 1st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod telling Mishra ji and Gulati that Sonu gave him responsibility to catch Mallika’s benaam aashiq. He asks Mishra ji to call his relative who is in Police and tell that he has all numbers of PCO from where he called. Mallika asks Vinod, if he thought of an idea to catch benaam aashiq? Vinod asks her to think that he is caught. Mallika asks him to keep the letter which benaam aashiq wrote. Vinod says ok and opens the letter. He is shocked to see his own hand writing and thinks he wrote this to help Bunno. He asks Mallika if she is sure that this letter is same. Mallika says yes. Vinod goes home and stares Bunno angrily. Bunno asks what happened? Vinod shows him letter. Bunno is shocked. Vinod asks don’t you have shame and says I didn’t know that you will be benaam aashiq. He says what I said that you shall focus on studies. Bunno apologises and says sorry.

Vinod thinks to stop the matter from going to Police. He meets Mishra ji and asks him to call his brother in law and asks him to end the matter right here. He calls Inspector and asks him to dismiss the case. Inspector says you are fool and my sister’s life is ruined after marrying you, blah blah blah. Mishra ji gets embarrassed. He tells Vinod that his brother in law transferred the case and that Inspector will find out. Vinod gets tensed and thinks Police will reach his house in 1-2 days. He gets an idea and says you have to help me save Bunno, else his life and career will be ruined. They agree. He says this is step no. 1 of my plan. Gulati comes to Mallika in the market and tells he is Gullu Aashiq.

Mallika asks him to leave. Gulati asks gullu aashiq tells that he will marry her only. Vinod is nearby and asks Sonu and Kanno to come fast. Mallika beats Gulati badly. Vinod says this is step no. 1 and tomorrow will be step no. 2. Mishra ji goes to mallika’s house and promises to make her rani, and offers to marry her. Mallika says you want to marry me, surely. She asks him to wait and says she will bring varmala and beats him. Vinod calls his family and they also beat Mishra ji. Vinod stops them. Mishra ji escapes. Vinod thinks everyone saw Mallika’s this roop, and thinks Sonu don’t think him wrong. He comes to Mishra ji and Gulati in the college and apologises. Gulati gets angry.

Vinod says Bunno is like your brother also naa. Mishra ji says yes. Vinod asks Mishra ji to call his brother in law and enquire. Mishra ji calls him and comes to know that Police found out from the PCO and they can come there. Vinod is shocked. He goes home and sees Inspector. Inspector tells that they came to know who made those calls and asks that man to confess and starts the countdown. Vinod tells that he is that benaam aashiq. Sonu is shocked. Anju, Dadi and Kanno are shocked. Mallika gets happy and acts to be sad. Sonu asks why did you do this? Vinod says I have done this for her betterment. Inspector asks Vinod to say. Bunno thinks Bhai can land in trouble. Vinod says I have done this to make Mallika realize love. He says she didn’t get real life partner, whenever someone talk to her about love or marriage, she gets hysterical and beats them. Sonu, Dadi and Anju confirm it. Vinod says Mallika is Sonu’s friend and it is her responsibility to get married. He says Doctor said that she can get crazy and murder someone also. Everyone is shocked. Mallika thinks what is he talking about.

Har Mard Ka Dard 2nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : 

Mallika asks Vinod why is he happy? Vinod says Sonu will tell you. Anju and Sonu come to Mallika’s house. Sonu asks shall we take the marriage matter ahead. Mallika agrees.