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Har Mard Ka Dard 1st March 2017 Written Episode Update


The Episode starts with Vinod adding some masalas in Paneer and thinks everyone will have a bad stomach now and my shop will be closed. Nikke sees him mixing powders. Bunno gives milk shake to everyone. Dadi asks everyone to eat Paneer mix. Taneja calls Vinod. Vinod says he is playing hide and seek game with the naughty kid. Taneja surprises him. Vinod gets shocked. Rasika comes and says Tikku have invited Taneja as chief guest here. Taneja asks Vinod if he is handling orphanage kids well and says this work will suit you best, you couldn’t become a good professor, but can become Doodhwala no. 1. He teases Vinod. Vinod is embarrassed. Sonu senses his sadness and take shim to room. She says I know you are doing this for my mummy papa’s happiness, but when you don’t want to do then its okay.

Vinod says I can do anything for your happiness and asks her to give Paneer masala to everyone. Sonu goes to make Taneja and others have it. She shows the paneer masala to Taneja.

Taneja says there is something wrong with it. Nikke says it is made by a special recipe and asks him to try. Taneja tastes it and says it is a tasty paneer which I haven’t tasted in my life. Nikke thinks he had added tomato sauce in it and wonders why did he like it. Taneja likes Paneer, but tells Vinod that he is suspending him from college for a week and asks him to make Paneer at home. Papa ji gets happy and says our business is rocking. Sonu says he has won everyone’s heart. Everyone waits for Sonu’s sister. Rasika says she will do aarti, but Sonu says she will do. Kanno says we will do garba also. Tikku comes and says Bhavna came.

Sonu runs and hugs Bhavna. Everyone is surprised to see Bhavna, the buffalo. Buffalo makes sound. Vinod is surprised. Tikku says it is Bhavna, and it is like Sonu’s sister. Rasika asks Vinod to take care of their second daughter. Anju asks her kids to take care of her daughter. Apsara comes and tells Vinod that Bhavna will make curd of his dreams.

Rasika tells Vinod that Bhavna gives milk to special people only and asks him to befriend it. Tikku asks if he is not happy? Vinod says you can’t understand my feelings. Vinod tries to draw milk and gets slap with buffalo’s tail. Rasika comes and asks Vinod to understand its feelings. Vinod asks how it will give milk. Tikku says it will not give food unless it hears himesh reshammiya’s songs. Vinod sings the song. Buffalo gives milk. Rasika asks him to clean Bhavna with body shampoo. Vinod is about to throw the dung. Papa ji asks if you are throwing dung. He tells that people likes organic things and thinks he is thinking to do business with dung and asks him to dry it in the hall. Vinod thinks he haven’t seen Sonu and goes to meet her. He is about to hug her, but stops saying his body is smelling due to dung. Sonu says he is smelling manly and says she is going to their room and wait for him.

Vinod gets Taneja’s call. Taneja tells him that he is thinking to dismiss him for forever and asks about Paneer Masala rate. Vinod gets sad and says you can give what ever you want. He requests him to end his suspension. Taneja asks him to send half kg paneer. Nikke comes there and asks Vinod to send 2 litres milk to their home. Vinod refuses. Nikke threatens to trouble him for 24 hours. Vinod gets angry. Nikke makes Vinod fall in the cow dung. Vinod thinks I will clean all neighborhood with this dung. He sees Sonu pampering Bhavna and tells her that either Bhavna will stay here or me.

Sonu says Bhavna will feel bad and asks him to talk in low tone. She says my mummy papa have tried to make your career. Vinod says they tried to make me milkman from being professor. He says his body is stinking and his bones are shaken up by Bhavna’s kick. Sonu gets angry at him for disliking Bhavna and asks if he is shouting on him. Vinod says I am not shouting, but telling you that I am troubled by this buffalo.. Bhavna makes sound and signs that it is angry. Sonu holds her ears and says dung is filled in your mind and asks don’t you have shame to talk this about my sister. Vinod apologizes and do sits ups. Sonu gets angry. Vinod blames Buffalo. He asks Buffalo to leave from his life and say something. He goes.

Har Mard Ka Dard 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap:
Vinod holds the locket by mistake and hears buffalo’s feelings. Buffalo says you deserve dung only. Vinod says who is saying this? Buffalo calls her donkey. Vinod is shocked to hear buffalo’s talk.

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