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Har Mard Ka Dard 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 20th April 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 20th April 2017 Full Episode Watch Online on

The Episode starts with Vinod enjoying cricket on TV with his colleagues and Monty. Apsara comes and eats Pakodas. Mishra ji blames Gulati for eating his pakoda. Gulati says he didn’t eat. Apsara warns Vinod against the saas and bahu war. Vinod says he is Arjun of Mahabharat and will handle them. Apsara says time will tell, and says pakodas are yummy, but not in your destiny. Mishra ji asks what you are talking alone. Vinod asks them to watch match and says he will be back. He goes to kitchen and eats pakodas. Bunno asks where is your blisters. Vinod says it is gone and goes to watch match. Bunno thinks to inform Sonu and Anju.

Sonu and Anju hide something from each other. Sonu says she will apply lep to Vinod so that he can get rid of his pain in 10 mins. Anju says she has made lep which will make him fine in 5 mins. They argue. Bunno comes and tells that Vinod lied to them about the blister and was eating pakodas in the kitchen. Sonu and Anju get angry. They shout Vinod. Vinod is shocked. Sonu asks him why did he lie to her. Anju says you lied to me. Vinod is shocked and asks which lie? Sonu says you were eating pakodas in the kitchen. Both of them question him and ask did you have pakodas. Sonu asks tell us whose Pakodas you like the most. Vinod asks them to go and says let them watch the match.

Vinod says I didn’t have pakodas and says if you want me to tell then I will have this with blisters in my mouth. He keeps pakodas in his mouth and asks who made it. Anju says she made tasty one. Sonu asks why did you mix it. Vinod says you can identify it. Sonu and Anju fight with each other verbally. Vinod asks them to decide who made good. Apsara says you have proved that you are Arjun. Vinod asks them to go to side so that he can see match. He cheers for India.

Later Monty and Vinod comes to the tea shop. Vinod says he has much work today. Monty says I have a surprise for you. Vinod turns and see their old friends. He greets them and asks how are you both. His friends tease him. Vinod says he is old Vinod only. They ask him for party. Vinod agrees. His friend asks where we will have party. They say we will do party at his house and provokes him. Vinod invites them home for party. Monty tells them that he is scared of Bhabhi. His friends say we will enjoy. Vinod thinks what to do. He comes home and thinks how to convince family members. He gives vegetables to Sonu. Anju tells that they are going to do baba ji’s darshan today. They ask if you will also come.

Vinod says he will party with his friends. Anju asks him not to drink much. Vinod says his other two friends are coming for party. Anju says Ramesh – Suresh. Vinod says no, and says honey and bobby. Anju says they are not good and asks him to stay away from them. Anju warns him. Sonu asks who are they? Dadi says they are bad lafandar. Papa ji asks him to stay away from them. Vinod says they came for 2 days and I will have party with them. They refuse. Vinod thinks what to do now. He gets an idea and sees Anju praying to baba ji. He gets an idea and calls Anju. Vinod asks her to come with her family and says he is calling on Babaji’s orders. She says I will bring everyone. Vinod asks her to leave one person at home so that he can light Diya and Baati infront of Babaji’s pic. Anju says okay.


Har Mard Ka Dard 21st April 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Monty tells Vinod that their friends planned some surprise. A dancer is called, who dances with Vinod and his friends. Sonu comes home with Bunno and sees him dancing with the girl.

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