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Har Mard Ka Dard 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 20th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 20th March 2017 video watch online HD on

In today’s episode of Har Mard Ka Dard you will watch Jyoti tells that her hubby gets promotion frequently and that his boss greets him good morning daily. Bunno tells that Vinod is getting Vice president post. Sonu tells this to Jyoti. Vinod tells them that he has refused the post. Everyone is shocked.Stay tune with us for more written updates.

The Episode starts with Sonu coming to Vinod and says good morning. He hugs her. Sonu praises his sparkling teeth. Vinod asks her if she has something to say. He gets Taneja’s call. Sonu doesn’t let him pick call. He gets message from him to call urgently. Sonu asks Vinod to apply sindoor to Taneja instead of her. Vinod tells that call might be urgent. Sonu says I am happy with what we have. She asks are n’t you? He says yes. She asks him not to work more and talk about them. He gets Taneja’s call again and picks the call.. He comes to Taneja and says I have come as you called me early morning. Mr. Taneja tells that he has two news for him, both are good. Vinod says I will hear both. A woman comes and says you knows how to play with words, and then angrily tells that she doesn’t know to talk nonsense. Vinod asks who are you and tells Taneja that she don’t seems to be student. Woman gets angry and asks what do he think of himself and says men can’t see women in big positions and then smiles. Vinod thinks if she is a woman or TV. Taneja asks Vinod to welcome her and says she is our new Professor. Woman greets him and introduces herself as Miss Rastogi. Vinod says hello. Mr. Rastogi says I heard good things about you and you are same just I heard about. Vinod thanks her and sits.

Dadi comes with her new hair style and says she learnt yesterday online. Sonu’s friends come to meet her. Anju asks Sonu to sit. Sonu brings jalebis and says she is on diet. They ask who made it. Anju says yes. Friend asks Jyoti about her husband. Jyoti tells that her husband gets promotion daily and his boss used to greet him. Mr. Taneja informs Vinod and Ms. Rastogi that Vice Principal’s post is vacant and asks them to impress him. Vinod says then responsibilities will increase and thinks about Sonu’s words. Ms. Rastogi asks how he will do selection. Taneja tells about the competition. Bunno hears him.

Dadi tells that they have kept sugar free tablet in the food items. Jyoti tells them that her hubby got gym at home and they have all facilities at home. Sonu says we are happy here. Jyoti says Vinod’s job is small and you might think that this house is big. Sonu says Vinod is very happy with his job. Jyoti says status should be high. Bunno comes and calls Sonu, Dadi, Anju and Kanno. He sings and tells that Vinod is offered to get Vice Principal’s post. They get happy to hear that. Jyoti gets silent. Sonu tells her friends that Vinod became Vice principal. Jyoti gets jealous and tells Sonu to tell when he becomes VP.

Vinod comes home. Pinku, Bunno, Kanno, Sonu and others celebrate. Vinod asks what they are doing? Pinky says he will be famous. Anju says he will become great man.. Dasi says your future is set as I have seen in my phone astrology. Vinod asks what is the matter? Pinky says VP came. He tells Sonu why she is taking tension and says I have refused for Vice principal’s post. We have everything. Pinky asks why did he refuse for VP post. Anju says fame and money is always less. She asks him not to refuse work. Bunno asks him to accept. Vinod asks Sonu to tell if he has done right. Sonu says yes if he has done for me. She goes. Pinky tells Dadi that Vinod can’t be his son and the baby might be swapped in hospital.

Vinod looks at pic and says it is good. Sonu comes and sings gujrati poem. He thinks what she is thinking. He holds the locket. Sonu thinks why he don’t want to become VP. If he spends much time in college then what will happen. Vinod asks if she wants him to become VP. Sonu says yes and asks when did I say. Vinod says you was thinking. Sonu tells him that Jyoti will taunt her now. Vinod says that’s why you wants me to become VP so that you can show off infront of her. Sonu shouts and asks what do you want to say, that I am like Jyoti who show off about her husband’s name.

Vinod says I will make you have kesar kulfi. Sonu says so that I get fat and then Jyoti will make fun of me. Vinod says he will make her have sugar free icecream. He asks her not to throw the thing as it is given by her mum. He says lets sleep now. We will talk in the morning. Sonu says you wants to ignore me and gives him pillow, making him leave from the room. Vinod feels pain in his bag. Apsara comes and massages his back. Vinod thinks Sonu is massaging him. Apsara says your eyes are sparkling with VP’s name. Vinod asks why women changes their decisions and thoughts. Apsara says women wants everything, hotel food and hone made food too. It is in husband’s hand what he wants to give to his hand. Vinod says why can’t you women decide. Apsara hurts him and says if you don’t fulfill her wish then if neighbor will fulfill her wish. Vinod thinks he haven’t thought this angle.

Har Mard Ka Dard 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod tells Taneja that he is ready for VP’s post. Apsara asks Vinod to hold locket and hears Ms. Rastogi’s thoughts. Vinod holds the locket. Ms. Rastogi thinks Vinod shall start counting his days now. Vinod is shocked.

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