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Har Mard Ka Dard 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 21st February 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 21st February 2017 video watch online on 

The Episode starts with Vinod asking his mum to bring breakfast. Sonu brings tea and paratha for him. Vinod eats it and says it is tasty. Sonu reminds him that her parents are coming here and they have their anniversary also. Vinod says so what shall I do? Shall I throw party? Sonu says good idea and says she will make them wear costume like Radha and Krishna and make them dance on disco song. She says my papa looks like Michael Jackson. Papa ji asks him to be strict with his wife. Vinod asks Sonu to bring hot tea. She takes tea to boil it. She gets her mummy’s call and she tells that she came in her dream and seems unhappy. Sonu says she is happy. Mummy ji tells that her family is world famous for dandiya, but their damad. Sonu says Vinod has planned a surprised for them and thought to play jhakas dandiya. Mummy ji asks really and says she might be having misunderstanding. Sonu returns to Vinod and takes out her anger on him. She asks him to make tea. Sonu tells Gujrati poem. Vinod thinks again gujrati poem and rubs the locket. Sonu thinks why did he not play dandiya for our sangeet and says if he plays then he will become perfect son in law. Vinod thinks to keep party to please Sonu. He tells her that they will have dandiya party here, and will make them feel at home. He says our dandiya program will be complete. Sonu says you have heard my heart talk. He asks who will understand my parents’ heart. Sonu asks him to tell his parents. Vinod is leaving and says bye.

Monty sends message to everyone with Vinod’s pic in gujrati clothes. Sonu says she told them. Monty sings song….Papa ji says nobody will play garba here. Vinod tells Anju that garma is good for health and even it burns fat. Anju says you are calling me fat. Sonu asks if garba will not happen. Dadi says we shall try other cultures too and asks Kanno to bring ghagra backless choli. Sonu asks Vinod to come home fast. He says okay. Vinod is stopped by Nikke and he asks him to postpone his party as he has cricket match and needs to sleep. Vinod refuses. Nikke threatens him and determines to stop him. Sonu calls Vinod just as he reaches college. Teacher stops him and tells that Taneja is giving extra classes to teachers. Sonu asks Vinod to talk to Anju. Anju complains to him and tells that Sonu has added much oil in rice and that it is floating in oil. Taneja asks a teacher about Vinod. She says he is behind you. He turns, but Vinod hides. Later Taneja sees him and gives extra class.

Vinod is teaching poetry to students. Ishani makes an excuse and tell that her relative died and asks if she can leave. Vinod refuses. Sonu’s call comes. She complains that Papa ji is not wearing dandiy a clothes. Vinod says I will make him wear after coming home. He gets Sonu’s call again. She complains to him that Anju made lassi of all dahi and asks him to bring dahi so that she can make buttermilk. Vinod gets an idea and permits Ishani and others to go. Sonu and others are ready in gujarati dandiya clothes. Vinod comes and compliments everyone on their looks. Sonu asks if she is looking good. Vinod says she is looking most beautiful. Just then her parents come. Sonu hugs them.


Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd February 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonu thanks Vinod for the party. Vinod says he can do anything for her. Police comes there and asks them to stop the party.

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