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Har Mard Ka Dard 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 21st June 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod asking to give his tiffin. She asks what he want to have in dinner. He asks her to make anything. Sonu says tinda, kerela, thepla. Vinod says no. Dadi says all men are same. Anju says even Vinod Papa is same. Papa ji says since I got married, she asks me what she shall make, rather than talking something else. Sonu asks Vinod what he wants to have. Vinod says women have just 1 question and gets irritated. He goes out and tries to start his scooter. He gets mishra ji’s call. Mishra ji asks where are you? Vinod says I am coming. Mallika thinks he is looking irritated and asks what happened? Vinod says Sonu asks same question what she shall make for dinner etc. Mallika thinks it is good to provoke him and woken up his male ego. She says yes, you said right and says Sonu shall not give you mental tension. Vinod says you understand this, but Sonu don’t. He wishes she understands me. Mallika says I can help you and asks him to make list of the menu for a week.

Vinod says it is a wonderful idea and thanks her. He starts his scooter and goes. He comes home in the evening. Sonu asks Kanno to ask if he wants to have tea. Vinod refuses. Mallika comes. Vinod gives list/menu to Sonu for a week. Sonu and Anju are shocked. Anju says it is long. Vinod says it is time table like list. Vinod says nobody will ask us now as they will follow the list. Mallika asks Sonu to tell. Sonu says you felt bad when I asked. Dadi says you gave such big list. Anju says this is house and not dhaba. Kanno says this menu card will not work. Bunno says they are right. Papa ji asks him to come on men side. Papa ji says nobody will question now. Vinod says this list will renew every week and goes to talk to Mishra ji.

Anju says he is doing wrong. Mallika goes to Sonu’s room and asks her to calm down. Sonu says no I have to make food according to his menu. Mallika says what I can say. Sonu says he didn’t drink tea due to his ego and must be drinking tea with Gulati and Mishra ji. Vinod drinks tea in the shop. Gulati says you are doing wrong and says God please save you. Sonu says if I will make list according to his liking. Mallika says his male ego must be hurt. She says this is your right and nobody can snatch your right. She asks her to show if he is a man of the house then she is also woman of the house and can do tit for tat. Sonu turns and her hand hits Mallika’s nose, says sorry. Mallika says its ok and asks her to take his sign so that he don’t change the menu in any day. Sonu says I have understood and says now food will be made according to list.

Mallika tells Apsara that she made women and men fight and divide them in two teams. Vinod asks what is this? Sonu says same list which you have given. Vinod asks why did you keep it infront of me. Anju says we all agree with Sonu. Papa ji says they can’t follow the list. Vinod says food will be made according to list. Sonu says yes, and says she needs his signatures so that nobody can change him, even him. Mallika comes running there and hides. Vinod signs on the list. Sonu asks him to make food following list. Sonu says same thing will happen. Mallika thinks this ego fire is burn everything.


Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd June 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Vinod gets happy to know that their college is getting 1 crore donation. Taneja asks Vinod to make arrangements for the person who is donating the money. Vinod gets tensed.

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