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Har Mard Ka Dard 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 21st March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 21st March 2017 watch online Episode HD on 

In todays Episode of Har Mard Ka Dard you will watch Vinod tells Taneja that he is ready for VP’s post. Apsara asks Vinod to hold locket and hears Ms. Rastogi’s thoughts. Vinod holds the locket. Ms. Rastogi thinks Vinod shall start counting his days now. Vinod is shocked. Stay tuned with us for more written Updates.

The Episode starts with Vinod leaving for college. Sonu is upset with him and handover his wallet and scooter keys to him. Vinod goes out and sits on his scooter, looks at Sonu and goes. Sonu looks back. The girls in the college want Vinod to be VP and play slogans that they want Vinod as VP. Ms. Rastogi asks Vinod why girls are taking his name when he don’t want to become VP. Vinod says he is zero percent interested in becoming VP. Ms. Rastogi tells that if he wants then she will become VP. She angrily talks about women and says woman can become President of the country also. Vinod tells her that he will help her to become VP. Vinod is about to shake hand with her, but Apsara holds her hand. Ms. Rastogi asks what happened to you. Vinod tells that her hand nerves are stuck.

Apsara asks him to rub mani and hear her thoughts. Vinod says I don’t need to rub mani for others, and asks her to let him shake hands with her. Apsara goes. Sonu comes to college and calls him. Vinod ignores Ms. Rastogi and goes to Sonu. Sonu apologizes to him for making him sleep on terrace. Vinod sneezes. Sonu tells him that she will rub his vicks and asks him to take off his shirt. Vinod says this is college. Sonu tells that she told Jyoti that Vinod is becoming President and says I will tell her that you have declined the offer. She calls Jyoti. Vinod takes the call and asks her to come to party which Sonu kept as he became VP. He says he will become VP.

Vinod comes to Mr. Taneja and says I am ready to take up the VP post. Taneja says good. Ms. Rastogi tells that you was not interested in becoming VP sometime back. Vinod says he heard his heart. Taneja says this is sportman’s spirit. Ms. Rastogi shake hands with him and says how can I win over you. Apsara says she will make you diabetes patient and asks him to read her game plan. Vinod looks on. Apsara says you will not hear me, go and die. Vinod sneezes and holds locket. He hears Ms. Rastogi saying that she will make his life as a horror film, and he will get afraid of her, just wait and watch.

Vinod thinks Ms. Rastogi is a dangerous woman. He imagines Ms. Rastogi scaring him and threatening to kill him. He gets up from sleep and shouts. Sonu also wakes up and asks why did you call Mummy ji. Vinod says he saw a bad dream. Sonu says you don’t share with me when you bought a new hand kerchief. Vinod says you will take wrong meaning of my dream. Sonu says I am not your enemy. Vinod tells her that his mind have become chakri due to VP’s post. Mummy ji comes and asks why did you call me and shouted my name. Vinod asks how do you know? Anju tells that mother- son connection is more strong of 4G and 3G. Vinod says he saw bad dream. Anju makes him sleep on her lap. She taunts Sonu and says he got bad dream because of her. Vinod says you would have asked me about dream as formality sake. Sonu says I asked you, but you haven’t told me. Vinod is about to tell them, but they don’t want to listen.

Next day in college, Taneja tells Vinod that he is confused and thought to make them participate in debate competition. He asks them to write their speech and says whoever wins will become VP. Vinod says no. Taneja asks if you are scared of Ms. Rastogi. Vinod laughs and says no, and says she is not ghost to get afraid of. Ms. Rastogi laughs and says you are scared. She tells the student hearing them that woman can do everything whatever man can do. Vinod tells Taneja that they shall keep the debate competition secret. Taneja asks him to write about him. He goes. Vinod’s student says you will win and says we all will support you. She asks him to concentrate on speech. Bunno also laughs. Vinod asks what you are doing here. Bunno asks him to talk to family. Pinky says Bunno told us everything about the competition. Anju tells about her mannat. Sonu tells that she will tell her friends that he became VP. Vinod is tensed.

Dadi tells that they will throw party. Sonu says her friends will be jealous. Anju asks her to learn to take care of her husband and says may be he don’t feel safe with her and that’s why call my name. Dadi tells that Pinky Papa ji also comes to her as he is afraid of her pakodas. Sonu laughs and tells Dadi that Vinod got a bad dream yesterday. Anju tells that her son is innocent and can’t walk without her support. She says I think I will help him this time too. Bunno comes and says Ms. Rastogi gave a solid speech and says she will beat Vinod in speech. Dadi, Sonu and Anju make sad face. Vinod asks Sonu to give water. Vinod thinks what to write first. Suno gives him water and asks him to write well. Papa ji gives his opinion. Bunno then gives his opinion and tells that he shall tell that one DJ party is set every week. Dadi asks him to talk about girls’ eating habits, and tells that she didn’t get chole kulche in her son’s marriage. Kanno comes and tells how speech should be. Anju comes and gives him milk. She says I care for you. Vinod asks them to go and locks room. Sonu thinks Vinod is trying, but couldn’t write speech. She thinks Ms. Rastogi makes speech while standing.

Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Anju tells Sonu to remind Vinod that he has kept speech in yesterday’s shirt. Sonu shouts and signs that she has kept shirt in washing machine. They get the washed and torn speech paper and get shocked.

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