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Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update , Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vinod and Sonu’s hand gets glued. Mallika asks what did you do? Why did you touch her hand. Vinod says now it is confirmed that their hands are glued because of that oil, and says now he will be with Sonu until they get solution to free their hands. He says lets go to college. Sonu, Vinod and Mallika take rickshaw. Sonu makes plan for an outing after college. Mallika is irked and thinks her game is spoiled, now I can’t do anything with Vinod. Bunno tells that he has an idea and says they can now free hands with hair dryer.

Taneja sees Sonu and Vinod with Mallika. He says pati, patnj and woh and gets shocked. He is about to faint. Gulati and Mishra ji hold him. Mallika thinks she can’t bear Sonu anymore and thinks to free the hands. Papa ji beats Bunno for his failed idea. Kanno says he has burnt our hands with hair dryer steam. Mallika asks them not to worry and says she knows a scientist who can help them. She says I will call him and asks about the solution. She pretends to talk to Dr. Dingra and sasys really and thanks him. She tells that their hands can be freed if they dip water in haldi water. Bunno says I will bring. He brings haldi water. Mallika does magic and free everyone’s hands. Vinod thinks it was Mallika’s trick. He thanks her. Apsara praises Vinod’s wit.

Vinod tells Sonu that he wants to be with her all day and night etc. He kisses her hand. Mallika looks angry and thinks what is in that Sonu. Mallika comes to see Apsara and finds her missing. She gets shocked and thinks to trap Apsara before she meets Vinod. Sonu and Apsara are fighting. Apsara asks him to look at him. Mallika comes and hears them arguing and smiles. Apsara sees her and hides. Vinod leaves. Mallika sees Apsara and makes her statue. She says it was good that you meet me. She says now she will make them fight. She keeps her again in bottle. Papa ji talks to some baba ji and tells that he will out vibhooti on mallika. He gets shocked seeing her and faint. Vinod calls Anju and says your husband is drunk. Mallika comes and says good morning to Vinod. Vinod says no good morning. Mallika tells that she has heard their argument and asks him to come and have tea with her. Vinod says he is getting late for college. Mallika tells him that if he don’t come to have tea with her then she will reach his college with tea.

Bunno comes home and tells that he asked halwai to make chole kulche in the cultural program. Kanno says she will host the show. Bunno asks Papa ji to perform on the song jhoom sharabi. Dadi says I am thinking to perform with Anju. Sonu says she will dance with Vinod. Bunno says he has decided to dance with Kiran. Mallika makes Vinod have a magical tea and provokes him against Sonu. Vinod falls in his trap and badmouths about Sonu and says I was better when bachelor, now I have become her servant and regrets to marry. His locket gets pressed by mistake and imagines Sonu’s thoughts. Sonu asks him what he said, and says she will not let him enter now. Mallika records whatever he said. Vinod thinks what did I say? Did I say anything wrong and goes.


Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd May 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Mallika blackmails Vinod and asks him to become her dance partner. Vinod refuses. Mallika sends audio clip to Sonu. Vinod is shocked.

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