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Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 23rd March 2017 Written Episode Update on

The Episode starts with Sonu telling Kanno that she kept party as she thought Vinod will get VP’s post. Kanno asks what she will do now. Sonu says she will ask her sasumummy. Apsara comes to Vinod and asks him to accept the award and say a few words. Vinod tells that he had cut everyone’s nose. Dadi wants to go on world tour, so I would have sent her. I would have brought phone for Kanno and says Sonu wants to settle scores with Jyoti, and says it would have settled if he had become VP. He says they will not support him. Apsara says you thought women wrong and tells that they will be with you all life. Anju tells Sonu that Vinod haven’t become VP. Sonu tells about her helplessness and tells that Jyoti will laugh on her in kitty party. Kanno suggests that they shall make an excuse that they are going to temple. Sonu says but then we have to lock the door from outside. Anju tells Sonu that they will have party when she promised as it is a matter of Vinod’s respect. Sonu and Kanno hug Anju.

Sonu calls Vinod. Vinod says why did I read that speech. Sonu gives him envelope and asks him to check, says it is a gift for him. He checks the wrestling tickets for two. Kanno and Anju hears him. Sonu says it is for you and Monty and asks him to go to Chandigarh. Vinod says you have made my heart happy. He thinks Apsara was right, women are not that bad. Anju signs Sonu to let him go. Sonu asks him not to waste time and go.

Vinod and Monty are in car. Vinod tells that his mum packed good food and Kanno uploaded all songs in her pendrive so that he don’t get bored. Sonu appreciates Anju for her planning. Papa ji asks Bunno what is happening? Bunno says they are celebrating Vinod’s success party. Papa ji says we will keep his failure party. Vinod asks Monty to stop the car and take him back, says he thought them wrong and wants to apologize. Sonu, Anju and Kanno make arrangements for party. Kanno tells that nobody will know that Vinod haven’t become VP. Anju says we will know after party. Kanno says dadi went to Yoga classes for 3 days.

Door bell rings. Someone comes and says he brought wine. Anju asks Sonu if she ordered it for her friends. Sonu says no. Papaji comes and says he has ordered it as he is celebrating Vinod’s failure. Anju says who celebrates failure party of his son and says he is a fool. Man asks them to stop their family drama and asks where to keep it. Papa ji asks them to keep it from back door. Sonu says how can his success and failure party can happen in same place. Papa ji says I have an idea and tells that they will have party separated with a curtain. Monty and Vinod are in the mechanic shop. Vinod scolds Monty for not keeping extra tyre. Monty says I forgot due to excitement. Apsara comes and asks Vinod how is he? Vinod says yes. Apsara tells him that big dhamaka is waiting for him in the house. Vinod asks what? Apsara says your birthday will be celebrated and says she came to give her hint. Anju asks Kanno what did you wear? Sonu says she is looking cute. Papa ji’s friends come to mourn as Vinod couldn’t become VP. He takes them inside and says bad time comes on everyone. Ladies come and greet Anju and Sonu. Sonu says Jyoti shall not know that Vinod haven’t become VP. Jyoti comes and greets them. She taunts Sonu. Papa ji’s friend come and cry hugging him. Papa ji says it is okay. Sonu’s friends ask why they are crying. Sonu says they are his childhood friends and met just now, emotional. Jyoti asks Sonu to make the music high. Sonu says they have kept sound low and following good citizen rules, and it is their duty to set good example since Vinod became VP. Papa ji’s friend tell that he is seeing for the first time, how a father is celebrating his son’s failure. Papa ji says whatever it may be, he celebrates with rum. They laugh.

Vinod and Monty come home. Vinod says it seems party is going on here. Kanno gives starters to Jyoti and asks her to eat. Jyoti asks where is Vinod. Kanno says he went to Chandigarh for important work. Monty gets his father’s call and he goes. Vinod enters his house and see party going on. Jyoti smiles looking at him and asks Sonu where did he go? Sonu says his post is high now and he went for important work. Anju also says the same. Jyoti asks if he is twin brother of Vinod. Anju says why I will not know. They turn and see Vinod. Jyoti smiles.

Vinod comes inside. Jyoti goes to him and congratulates him. Sonu hugs Vinod and asks him to come, says she wants to talk to him urgently. She takes him to side and asks why did he come today itself. Vinod asks about the party. Kanno sees him and says we were feeling lonely and that’s why kept party for fun, thinking we will have fun with guests. Vinod asks why did you hide? Sonu says we thought you will feel bad and angry. Vinod asks why would I and tells that he will greet her friends. Sonu says okay and hugs him. She says this party is boring and asks him to go to Papa ji’s party. Vinod goes to his party and sees the failure’s decoration. He is shocked.


Har Mard Ka Dard 24th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Papaji’s friend asks Papa about success and failure party at same house, and says his wife is attending success party. Vinod is shocked.

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