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Har Mard Ka Dard 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 28th March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 28th March 2017 video watch online HD on

The Episode starts with Dadi asking Anju to give her earrings while she is doing make up to attend marriage function. Kanno shows her earrings to Sonu and says it is mind blowing naa. Sonu says it is okay and asks her to keep her hairs hiding her earrings. Kanno says how I will make people jealous then. Sonu hides her earrings. Anju asks Sonu if you are ready? Sonu says no and goes to her room. Bunno says don’t know what happens to women. Papa ji tells that every man have same pain and gets ready. HE says he married to a wrong lady and can marry again. Anju taunts him. Dadi asks Sonu to get ready fast else chole kulche will be over. Sonu changes her earrings and come. Dadi asks Sonu to sit on Vinod’s scooter and whatsapp the menu after reaching the function. Sonu tries to ignore Vinod and tells that her hair style will be ruined and that she is feeling weak. She says I will go with you. Dadi asks Bunno to sit on Vinod’s scooter. Bunno and Papa ji refuses. They ask each other to close the door. Sonu asks Vinod to close the door and goes. Vinod thinks why she has become angry bird and thinks he has done just as she said.

Khanna family reach the marriage function. Her friends ask her about her new earrings. Sonu tells that Vinod brought same to same earrings just like of Kanno. Her friends tell that every women have same pain and difficult to make man understand. Other friend ask her to forgive Vinod as he brought something atleast. Sonu says I will, but not that easily, smiles.

Vinod comes to meet Monty and tells that he couldn’t understand his wife. He says women are not women, but bhool bhulaiyya/puzzle. Monty asks him to apologize to Sonu. Vinod says he apologized, but. He tells that he brought same to same earrings just like Kanno as she asked. Monty tells him that in woman’s dictionary, same to same is not same to same. Vinod asks what is this puzzle and why can’t I understand. Monty says just because you are Vinod Khanna. Vinod comes home and sees Sonu sleeping. He thinks to check what is in her heart. Apsara comes and says she will not tell her heart feelings. Vinod asks why didn’t you tell me the reason for not taking the earrings. Sonu coughs. Vinod hides. Apsara says you are afraid of her. Vinod says I love her and asks her to go. Vinod takes out his locket and hears Sonu’s thoughts. He sees Sonu’s friend’s making fun of her regarding the earrings. Sonu wakes up scared. Vinod asks her to drink water. Sonu asks him to leave.

In the morning, Vinod thinks he can now understand what is in Sonu’s heart. He tries to go out of house, but Papa informs him that he is in towel. Vinod changes his clothes and goes on his scooter. He tells that he has understood what Sonu wants. She wants unique earrings. He asks him to sit on his bike. Vinod comes to the shop. Jeweller sees him. Salesman tells him that you said right that he will come here. Vinod comes inside and asks jeweller to take the earring and show him unique earrings. Jeweller says I can only give half money and shows the exclusive earrings. He signs his salesman. Vinod gets confused and says I can’t select among them. Jeweller asks him to take all 3 earrings and give payment for all as security. He says when you return the other two earring, I will repay the money. Vinod pays the money for three earrings and tells that he will return the other two. Salesman tells that you will not return the money. Jeweller says I will not return someone’s curse and tells that Vinod will not come back.

Sonu likes all three earrings and smiles. She says you brought three earrings to apologize to me. Vinod is shocked. Sonu says I will make everyone jealous in the party. She says she will show earrings to her family. She shows earrings to everyone and says Vinod brought three earrings for her. Papa ji asks Vinod if he looted the bank. Vinod says he brought earrings for Sonu, just one. But she liked all three. Kanno tells that all earrings are best. Dadi tells Vinod that you did right. Anju asks if you forget your mum. Sonu says we will exchange earrings and wear one by one. Anju wears new earrings. Dadi tells that she will name her will on his name. Vinod gets a call from credit card company asking if he will pay the 1 lakh 50000 in EMI or all together. Vinod says EMI.


Har Mard Ka Dard 29th March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap : Sonu asks a woman why her husband is fat. She tells that once her husband was lean, but got plump after eating much food. Sonu asks Vinod to do exercise and dieting and imagines him fat.

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