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Har Mard Ka Dard 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update


Har Mard Ka Dard 2nd March 2017 Written Episode Update and Har Mard Ka Dard 2nd March 2017 video watch online on

The Episode starts with Anju applying something on Vinod’s body to get rid of dung smell. Kanno asks her to rub the body pack property. Anju says that smell will come again. Kanno asks them to come. They see Rasika’s acting as getting heart pain. Anju asks them to go back to Ahmedabad. Sonu’s papa tells that Bhavna have stopped giving milk. Vinod says may be its stomach is disturbed. Rasika and Tikku tell them that someone might have hurt Bhavna’s feelings and says it is so sensitive and feels bad when somebody hurts her. Anju recalls calling Sonu’s parents shameless to stay in their house and calling buffalo there. Bhavna hears everything. Papa ji thinks about telling Bhavna that it is eating 50 kgs cow food and giving just 1 litre of milk. He threatens to give injection to bhavna if it don’t give enough milk. Kanno also think of calling Bhavna fat. Vinod thinks everyone is looking tensed. Dadi says she has a lie detector App and suspects Kanno and Anju. Kanno says we are pure like lassi. Tikku asks Rasika to drink water. Rasika refuses and says she will have only Bhavna’s milk.

Vinod asks them to stop fighting and says Bhavna is gujrati buffalo and this Punjabi water must not have suited it. He comes to Bhavna and asks it to give milk, but it gives dung. Vinod while cleaning his clothes hold the locket mistakenly and hears buffalo’s thoughts. Buffalo says you deserve dung only, and calls him donkey. Vinod says I am not donkey and is shocked to hear buffalo thoughts. He thinks this mani makes me hear everyone thoughts. Buffalo thinks it will not give money to Vinod and thinks to kick dung on his mouth. Vinod explains that it was a regular fight between Sonu and him. Buffalo thinks I will never give you milk and will make your shop closed in one day.

Vinod gets an idea and thinks to badmouth about Sonu so that Bhavna gets angry and never gives milk to his sasur’s business also. He tells that Sonu is having a more fat mind than hers, and all the day Sonu eats his brain. He is thinking to take Sonu far on the mountain and even zoo people will not take her. Bunnu hears Vinod badmouthing about Sonu and rushes inside house. He tells everyone that Vinod is saying all these things to Bhavna about Sonu. Sonu gets angry and says let him come. Vinod comes and says everything will be fine. Nikke takes Bhavna out. Sonu gives an angry look and asks him not to say anything. Tikku asks him not to say anything.

Papa ji tells that there is no value for beaten man. Rasika asks them to keep quiet and says our Bhavna’s life is in danger. She runs out and shouts Bhavna. Everyone run out and see Bhavna missing. Rasika says Bhavna have eloped. They blame Vinod. Vinod says I haven’t make it elope. Vinod scolds Bunno. Rasika asks them to search Bhavna and calls Police. Papa ji calls someone and asks his friend to stop the factory idea. Bunno makes sound…bhaaggayi bhavna. Sonu cries. Anju says sorry to Sonu and blames Vinod. Sonu also blames Vinod. Anju lies that she is missing Bhavna and asks Kanno to make Bhavna’s milk tea. Kanno says now you can drink, but from tomorrow you will get adulterated milk.

Vinod and Monty sing ek baar aaja song while searching Bhavna on the road. Monty says I will sing some other song…and sings other song. He hears a man laughing and asks if he saw Bhavna. He tells that he has seen Bhavna there. Vinod thinks he got his buffalo, but sees some other buffalo and says this is not my Bhavna. The man teases her. Man turns to apsara….Vinod says you. Apsara asks him to take this buffalo as Bhavna. Vinod says I can’t lie to Sonu. Apsara says this is the last lifeline to you and decorates buffalo as Bhavna. Monty comes and says this is not Bhavna. Anju and Papaji gets happy. Vinod tells Monty that this is not Bhavna. Rasika and Tikku suspects that this is not Bhavna. Vinod sings ek baar aaja and the buffalo starts giving milk. Everyone is relieved that it is Bhavna. Anju goes to make tea. Sonu tells Vinod that if Bhavna went missing then she will make him missing. Rasika feels Bhavna’s presence. Bhavna returns and makes sound. Someone comes and waves his hand. Everyone looks on.


Har Mard Ka Dard 3rd March 2017 Written Episode Update Precap :Sonu asks her parents not to go. Sonu’s parents come when they are going, but someone else will come. Sonu’s friend come home. Vinod is shocked.

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